Heavenletter #4677 Uplift the World, and the World Rises, September 14, 2013

Heavenletter #4677 Uplift the World, and the World Rises, September 14, 2013

postdateiconSaturday, 14 September 2013 14:50 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

God said:

Righting wrongs is never quite the issue. In fact, it is better to let go of wrongs. It is not only better, it is essential. Otherwise, you may become bitter and stuck.                                                                                                 Oh, yes, by all that you know holy, wrongs are rife. No one wants wrongs. Then it is for you to find a different sphere and get off the subject of wrongs. It doesn’t make you wonderful to keep track of wrongs. Seeing wrongs is not the frame of mind you want to put yourself in.                                                                                                There is also the beautiful. Relish that. Remind yourself that you came to Earth to discover gold, not coal. Anyone can spot the coal. It takes no talent. Why, that is one of the easiest things on Earth to do. If finding wrongs has been right up your alley, take a different route now. Leave wrongs behind you.

If you desire to find gold, there is no choice but to leave wrongs behind you. Whatever you may call wrongs – betrayal, inconsideration, unfair, intolerable, undeniable, inexcusable, despicable, you are emphasizing wrong. Is that what you want to do? Do you really want to be a great fault-finder? It takes no special talent. Foreswear looking out for whatever is amiss that others may do.                                                                                                What are you offering on an altar to Me or to yourself?                                                                                                Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil.                                                                                                 This adage isn’t telling you to be dumb, deaf, or blind. Nor do I.                                                                                                Culture what you want to be evident in the world. From a seed, corn grows. Everything grows from a seed. Right now We are speaking of seeds of thoughts. You want to plant the seeds of what you want to grow. You want to plant your thoughts in good soil, beloveds.                                                                                                 In your garden, are you going to focus on the beautiful flowers or on the weeds? What is it that you would like to grow in your garden? Plant that. That’s what I’m saying.                                                                                                 If you want to sing, you practice singing good notes. No practice is needed in singing off-notes. You want to make music, not cacophony.                                                                                                 If you want to see A’s on your tests, write A-worthy material. If you want to see A’s on everyone’s tests, set a good example.                                                                                                   I would like to set you on your feet in directions that further you. I have no desire to keep you where you are or have been. Righteous or not, you are here on Earth to move ahead. Everyone is here to move ahead, not backwards, not stay the same. You are to progress. So, progress then. Do you have an argument with that?                                                                                                What is wrong in the world will get along without your presence very well. Did you really think you were helping to point out wrongs? If you want to help rather than complain, it’s not your responsibility to constantly point out the error of others’ ways. It is not for you to leap on others’ wrong-doing, and file a report when you see a fault. Then get your nose out of what you see as a den of iniquity and that which may indeed be a den of iniquity. Digging your feet in may strengthen the den.                                                                                                 Climb other mountains, beloveds. Reach the heights, and you will see greater Greatness. Uplift the world, and the world rises. Stomping on the world may paste it firmly in place. What is the value in your focusing on what is not what you desire in the first place? How much value is there in your pointing out the errors of others’ ways? Come from a higher level, and you may find the others who disapprove of rising up to your level. In any case, you will rise.

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