Eternity & Infinity

Eternity & Infinity

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images<img alt=”images” src=”” width=”225″ height=”225″ />An inspiration from Shanta Gabriel and Archangel Gabriel September 12, 2013, our Soul Purpose:

“You have now set sail on the Ship of your Soul Purpose. As a vessel of service to God, it is carrying only Love and pure thoughts as cargo, held together with the clarity of your intention and unconditional love as the glue. God is the wind in your sails and the power, as the vessel sets sail on a course for Awakening.

Your ship is directed into Ports of Call bringing service to those in need. It is your vessel, others have their own ship, their own charted course, though you may for a while sail in the same direction. God is the captain and you are the pilot following orders given for charting your course.

“The appropriate attitude is one of receptiveness, willingness, and joy. This ship sets sail in total freedom, and follows the guiding light of the stars.”

Heavenletter #4678 Eternity and Infinity , September 15, 2013 

God said:

This, this day before you is the day that counts. This day, this hour, this moment.

Although time does not truly exist, I ask you to break your life into segments of time for a moment. Just for a moment. You’ve heard enough about the present, about being in the now, about living life this very moment. What is right now, this very second, but being in Eternity? In Eternity, there is no past and no future. There is not even a moment ago.

Time in the world, as you well know, is fleeting. In Eternity, nothing is held onto. There is no holding on. Eternity is possession-less. Just the same, Eternity is Eternal. It is forever. It is not forever and a day. No, there are no days in Eternity. There are no measures. There is Vastness. We can say that Eternity is a vacuum that extends through everything and, yet, holds no prisoners. Vastness and Eternity include Everything yet Vastness and Eternity are without containment.

How am I doing? Do I make Eternity, the cleanest and clearest non-dimension there is, any clearer to you? Eternity has no fathoms, yet can the fathomless become more fathomed? If not in your conscious awareness, somewhere within you where Truth is maintained? Perhaps somewhere within your DNA?

Of course, I have said within you everything is contained. We can consider you pregnant with All Knowledge. You are not the ignoramus you may think you are. Nor are you the brilliant brain you sometimes think you are either. You are the Infinite Eternal knowing yourself.

We are talking about Eternity and Infinity which are two names for the exact same thing – rather non-thing – seen from a different angle. That is, if the two, the Eternal and the Infinite were seeable, what would you see?

However, in the non-realm I speak of, there are no mountains to climb. There are no cliffs to fall off from. Eternity and Infinity are a journeyless journey. Eternity is right where you are this very moment. This very moment does not sail by even as it seems to. Eternity and Infinity are made from the same cloth. As are every one of My children. Yes, every one of you. Every single one. There is something of you everywhere. You are a splendid Creation of Mine. I did not create you one-sided. Oh, no, I created you One, One indivisible Self.

What is Eternity? You are. What is Infinity? You are. What is Vastness? You are. What is everything? It is you. You are It. Anywhere you look, it is you. Anywhere you don’t look, it is also you. There is nothing in Creation that is not you. If you cannot believe this, can you believe that there is an aspect of everything in Creation that is you? Close enough. This will do for now.

What else shall We talk about now? Truly, there is nothing else to talk about that is not you. You, My One Beloved, are made in My Image. So, it turns out in this message, that there is nothing to talk about except you and Me. To carry that idea to its fullest, there is nothing to talk about but Me, I, God, your Father, the One who loves you more than anyone or anything.

We could say that Infinity, Eternity etc. are nothing but the field you play in. You are, in fact, whirling in what is imagined as space. In Truth, your feet do not touch the ground. You’ve been on the ground long enough, and now you begin to fly, and now you begin to see all that is before you, and so you grow, and I take a picture of you, I show it to you. It is all bright light.