God via Heart Song Meditation: Faith

God via Heart Song Meditation: Faith

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In many ways hope is like a bandage that covers your fears.

Hope is not strong enough for you.

You may hope to get through the day without accident, but you always know that the hope could be dashed at any moment. Hope is a fragile thing and you need something stronger. You need the peace that comes with faith.

With faith you know that whatever happens, whether it is what you prefer or not, all is by My Will.

With faith the painful experience you fear may still be, but the fear is less. When faith is strong enough there is no need for fear.

Faith is knowing that I AM your constant companion.

Faith is know that My Will is being done.

Faith is knowing that the universe is on the right path.

Faith is letting go of what you want and loving what is.

Be in faith now.

Let the True Faith of your heart shine through.

Your heart knows Me already. Your heart knows the Oneness of all things. Your heart knows the power of love. Your heart is calm and steady shining light.

Have faith that life flows towards love.

Have faith that love and light are growing within you.

Have faith that your life matters and that you contribute something beautiful to the world.

Have faith that humanity will one day find peace.

Have faith that the darkness you see in the world will fade.

Have faith that love endures.

As you turn to Me your faith grows stronger. Every time you bring your attention back to Me and My Great Love it is an act of faith. It re-affirms faith. It strengthens faith.

Every time you share your faith, you strengthen your faith.

Every time you take the time to bless and re-assure another who doubts, you strengthen your faith.

Every time you decide to keep going and not give up, you strengthen your faith.

Have faith in your own growing faith.

Have faith in yourself.