Heavenletter #4681 A Mirror of Yourself , September 18, 2013

Heavenletter #4681 A Mirror of Yourself , September 18, 2013

postdateiconWednesday, 18 September 2013 18:08 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

God said:

You are part of everyone and everything, yet you cannot complete others, nor can others complete you. This is another way of saying that you are not to be grasping or utterly dependent upon others. What is the matter with attachment is that it is not true. It is illusion.   In attachment, you hold on to a lifeline that cannot hold you up. It is a false image that you carry, this idea that your stability is dependent upon another, as if you are tethered to the other, suspended by the other as if another holds you up and that, without the other, you fall from grace. The world is illusion, and your position in the world is also illusion. No one, regardless of what it seems like in the world, is mightier than you, and no one is less. No one is higher, and no one is lower. This is what I say. The world says otherwise.                                                                                          You have a tendency to make too much of some things and not enough of others.

Certainly you take the role of mother or father, son or daughter, husband or wife. These are positions you take. Certainly, you are friend, or seeming stranger or seeming foe. These are positions. Positions are temporary pasted-on titles that you carry like placards. The Truth is that you are Mine, and I am yours. You are not nailed somewhere or anywhere. You are a free-flying child of God. You do not hang on to others as if they were a foothold on a cliff, nor do you assume that others require you.                                                                                           You do not abstain God-given independence for the sake of another. Nor does keeping independence mean that you are high and mighty.                                                                                          Positioning depends upon where you look from.                                                                                          Your true position is with Me. You and I are your strength. Believe Me, you are plenty strong. Holding on is not strength. Letting go is strength. You are the strongest of the strong, and this means you do not have to prove your strength anymore than you have to see yourself in a weak position. Therefore, there is no need to argue.                                                                                           You are not threatened. Your strength belongs to you. Whatever you may believe you face in life, you face a mirror of yourself.                                                                                           You do not put yourself down, nor do you put yourself up. Put your feet up. Take it easy. Nothing is at stake. Nothing can be at stake, unless you call illusion something at stake.                                                                                           No one on Earth can be the making of you. Nor can you be the making of anyone else. You can be wonderful and giving and caring, and, yet, you cannot make yourself a savior.                                                                                           Just as you must be responsible for yourself, so must others be responsible for themselves. This is like an honor system, beloveds. You pledge to serve God and the Universe. You serve. You do not save. You are not the rescuer nor do you require rescue. You cannot be the mainstay of another. Another has to be his or her own mainstay. Wait for no man to pick you up. Pick yourself up.                                                                                          Yes, you can offer your hand to another. You can help carry another across the river, yet you do not continue to carry another after shore is reached. You are not a hand-out to those who believe in need. You are essential to the world. You are not essential to another. You have to know this so you free all others to carry themselves. You are not the ladder to Heaven for any one but yourself. You can point the way. You do point. And you go on your way, knowing that no human being is essential to another’s life or heart.                                                                                          The lily is not gilded.

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