Step Up in Consciousness, September 2013 – Part 3/4

Step Up in Consciousness, September 2013 – Part 3/4

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Ascension 48291<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”Ascension 48291″ src=”” width=”228″ height=”195″ />(Continued from Part 2.)

I’m reposting an (expanded) series from early August about an “event” expected to happen on the Fall Equinox (Sept. 22, 2013). It isn’t Ascension itself. But it is a rise in consciousness.

There’s no telling ahead of time whether we’ll experience that increase in our surface consciousness. On other occasions, though we’ve gone through an increase, it either occurred deep inside us or else rose to consciousness only later.

So I do caution us against raising our expectations sky high and then being disappointed if things don’t occur as we expect them.


At exactly the same time (July 31, 2013), Jesus and Saul through John Smallman were also predicting a rise in consciousness soon. Said Jesus:

“Humanity’s arduous journey home to Reality is almost done as the energies that are assisting you approach their peak intensity. They will then move you onwards into an energy realm that will sustain you in a totally new and inspiring way.

“You have been in the process of preparing to integrate with this new (to you) realm for the last several decades, and a part of that preparation has been to encourage and enable an enormous increase in your awareness of the interconnectedness – in fact, the Oneness of all that exists.” (1)

In a later post, Jesus reiterated that “you are racing towards the finish – the moment of your awakening into the realization of who you truly are. … You are rushing homewards, and nothing now stands in your way.” (2) That finish line will come later but the event will move us onwards towards it.

On July 31, Saul also commented on the expected consciousness shift, which he called “fully conscious living.”

“When your move into fully conscious living replaces your present illusory state of existence, as it very soon will, you will be so engrossed with the new environment you are busy adapting to that your interest in ‘what is to come’ will have evaporated, because you will experience it as being no longer pertinent or of interest. In this new ‘now moment,’ there is no future, nothing to look forward to, because there is only the eternal, joy-filled now moment.

“You truly have absolutely no idea of the wonders to which you will soon be gloriously re-exposed, when you awaken into your natural and divine state as fully conscious entities at One with God.” (3)

He appeared to couple the rise in consciousness to adaptation to events in other arenas; probably the financial among them, but also possibly Disclosure.

“Your lives are about to change, drastically and forever! And the changes that are about to occur would absolutely blow your minds if you had to negotiate your way through them while still operating within your present, unbelievably restricted and literally disabled human intelligence, rather than those divinely created and infinitely talented minds with which your Father endowed you.” (4)

He went on to describe the state we’ll be in then.

“What has been your experience until now – the state of conscious awareness that in your collective human experience has been considered normal and acceptable to you – is about to disintegrate, be blown away, and replaced with a state which, in comparison to what you have come to accept as normal, is utterly beyond ecstasy.

“The joy that is about to envelop and embrace you can be neither described nor anticipated because it is completely beyond the ability of humanity’s limited intelligence to even conceive of. Imagine a small child being taken for the first time to the most magnificent amusement park on the planet and on arrival there, being given an unlimited supply of tickets for all the rides. Can you put yourselves in its shoes? Even if you can, you have not even started to conceive of the joys that await you when you awaken, shortly, into your natural and fully conscious state.” (5)

So something wonderful will happen in September 2013. Whether it’ll be just a significant step forward in the transformation of our consciousnesses or the full restoration is not agreed upon by our sources. Whether it will be a dramatic or a subtle shift, we don’t know.

I’m inclined to think it will be a significant step forward in our process, but not the restoration in its entirety. But that’s just a guess, I’m afraid.

It will be accompanied by an ongoing financial transformation into an abundance economy and it may be accompanied by Disclosure. It won’t be the end of history for us, but a new stage in our unfolding penetration into the Fifth Dimension.

(Continued in Part 4. You’re welcome to read ahead.)


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