BRICS Alliance Set To Break From US-centric Internet

BRICS Alliance Set To Break From US-centric Internet

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Official photo of President Rousseff, taken by official photographer, at Alvorada Palace on January 9th, 2011.

sage:  The entire BRICS alliance is behind this move as shown in the map below.  According to their website, this cable “Links Russia, China, India, South Africa, Brazil – the BRICS economies – and the United States” (almost an afterthought, in my opinion) and should be operational by 2015.  Hopefully by then, though, we’ll have no need for Internet or computers.

By Bernard Asagai, – September 17, 2013

As many government officials and policymakers know, Brazil is really pissed off with United States National Security Agency, and the possibility that it has been intercepting the Brazilian government’s communications.

Given that the former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden revealed that United States has been snooping on many countries around the world, as well as that of Brazil has really made the Brazilian government to think seriously about divorcing itself from the US centric infrastructure of the Internet.

Because of this, in a very recent move President Dilma Rousseff has ordered a series of measures to create a form of Brazilian Internet independence and security. We fell that the present of Brazil is absolutely correct in being enraged with the United States.

The American government has shown that it is not responsible with the information that the world entrusts on the Internet, and that it’s actions have been a complete breach of confidence to global citizens and nations around the world.

We feel that if Brazil does go down the path of seeking to distance itself from the US centricity of the Internet, that it may make other nations take the same actions. We actually feel, that the global backlash to what was revealed by Edward Snowden is just beginning.

We believe that in the end, Brazil it will not ban its citizens from using American-based Internet services, but what may happen is that the country will invest more in information-technology infrastructures to create the same technologies at home.

The Internet brought a way that the world could communicate together in a form that is never existed before, but the fact that it could be infiltrated and secretly spied on at a global level by powerful governments pose is an enormous problem for the world.

What was deeply troubling as well, were the international moves to silence those that spoke the truth about the abuse of power displayed by the United States.

The ways in which the United States administration sought to condemn those that spoke the truth about it’s secret programs that infringe upon the rights of not only American citizens, but other nations around the world is appalling as well.