: Fill Your Time with Joyous Activities

God via Heart Song Meditation: Fill Your Time with Joyous Activities

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Let Me clarify something that I know confuses you.

My call that you focus more on the physical does not mean that you are to abandon your spiritual practices.

Saying that there are ways that you can bless and serve right now is not the same as saying that you are wasting your time.

Your fear that you are wasting your time is affecting your judgment and your ability to properly interpret My messages.

Psychic abilities are one small part of service. They are one small way that you can bless and serve the world. They are one part that needs to be kept in perspective. Your focus on the spiritual could become all-encompassing if you are not careful. You could easily slide into obsession and lose much that is of value to you.

Advising you about the dangers of obsession is not saying stop. It is saying relax, let go and enjoy the journey.

There is much good that is done by those who can see beyond the veil and you too will develop these skills. It is not so hard as you imagine and I AM with you. I AM opening up your higher energy centers. I AM guiding the process of cleansing and purification. I AM integrating your spiritual perceptions into your mortal consciousness.

From your perspective your abilities will grow as a tree grows, bit by bit and season by season. It is not in your power to make the process go faster. Just keep turning to Me and trust in Me to guide the process. Trust that things are progressing as they are meant to.

Let go of your fear of being misled.

Let go of your fear that you are wasting time and effort. Your time in meditation is no waste. Your time working to develop your abilities is good.

Just remember that there are other ways to serve. There are other things that you can do, things that you can do today to bless and uplift the world. You will find the waiting for your abilities to develop easier if you take your attention off of the process. There is little point in staring at a tree waiting for it to bear fruit. You will find the waiting easier to bear if you are otherwise engaged.

That is the waste you need to be aware of. Don’t waste your time sitting around waiting. Fill your time with joyous activities. Find ways to bless the world.

Patience is better served by letting go of the thing you want and doing something else. Inner Peace is often better served through activity than through being passive.

There is no shame in choosing distraction if your attention and energy don’t actually contribute to a solution.