The Connection To Your Physical And Spiritual Bodies

The Connection To Your Physical And Spiritual Bodies – A Message From Fongeetale

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20 September 2013

Channeler: Isis-Neith

I am Fongeetale.

We have said before that psychic abilities increase as your diet becomes lighter and lighter. The clearer and freer your body is of debris, the clearer your mind and all your functions. And the other reason is that the body is evolving as it puts divine energy into itself and as it re-programs– itself to move to a higher vibrational diet.

Let go of expectations about what our methods would or should be, because what we teach isn’t complicated and it is something that anyone can do to reach a higher state. Some of our concepts are advanced, but anyone can learn to release toxic thought forms from their self and anyone can put charged energies into their body through food that they eat, that they intentionally eat, and anyone can easily create a thought form. You do not need to be very spiritually advanced. You only need an open heart and to be willing to go within and truly look at the negativity within yourself and have a willingness to and a deep desire to remove it.

This deep desire comes from your Reality. It is that feeling that allows you to be humble and look for what is in you that causes your physical deformity. You are probably aware that I am not speaking of a rare ailment; I am speaking of the current human physical state which is deformed.

But, this week we want to speak to you more about awareness and psychic abilities, so I will now continue speaking on that subject only.

One thing that most people are not aware of is the fact that your physical body determines how intuitive you are as well. There is of course your DNA and your natural abilities and gifts you were born with, as well as things that you decided to be good at before you incarnated here. Those gifts and that knowledge, they are innate and similar in that way to any other gift a person can be born with.

Psychic gifts are not any more worthy than gifts that lie in any other field of endeavor, such as science, mathematics or the arts, or any other physical, mental, or emotional ability you may possess. It is rarer here simply because it isn’t as allowed or as practiced as the other gifts, but it is equal and it can be developed like the others, although some of you are born with a higher degree of that kind of gift than others.

So your physical make-up impacts your abilities no matter what they are, whether they are spiritual or physical or any other category. This is good because every person is needed, every ability is equally needed and when we see them as equal then we are open to where our true gifts lie.

However, no matter what level of ability you have in the area of intuition, your ability to read people or situations can only reach a certain level at this point in human development. At this point humanity uses very little brain power and has primitive technologies. I am not saying of course, to be offensive, it is simply and obviously true that less than 10% is very little brain power.

And most people who are very spiritual are forgetting that the physical is just as important as every other body and it is through correcting the physical, by the use of physical objects as well as mind, that we ascend into a state that is spiritually and physically conscious, where the physical is no longer an obstacle but is programmed to be the way you would prefer.

Intuition does not only come through the spiritual body’s development. The purest form of intuition comes through the being that is connected, that is one. Your Reality must fully connect to each and every body. It is when these connections are unbroken that we become aware. If you are only working on connecting yourself to your spiritual body there will be an imbalance, just like when people are only connecting to their physical or mental body there is an imbalance. To be intuitive does not mean that you forget about the physical, mental or emotional body. It is about increasing the connection between them all so they are no longer fighting one another for space, but they are operating as one.

So, just as we have physical objects that aid us when we cleanse our food and our house, we can use physical objects as well as mental mantras, incantations and visualizations to cleanse ourselves. And as we are working to become more psychically aware we must incorporate physical objects. These objects not only hold energy that helps your mind, but your mind also automatically increases its own energy and the reason is because it believes in its power more when it sees objects out in front of it or around it that you identify as powerful.

Physical movement can be just as powerful as total physical stillness. The mind should be quiet during both.

You use the physical objects in the kitchen to charge and increase the positive flow of energy in your food and liquids. It goes into your body and cleanses, charges and connects the body to the core of yourself. But when you are wanting to increase your intuition you must increase your flow of energy as well. The physical body must be able to contain and hold energy for longer periods, very high energy. When you are communicating with your guides they come down to meet you, but you also rise to meet them and your physical body must be able to easily get there to be with them and have clear communications, which is why obviously, heavier foods will block your intuition, but also if your body is not used to holding high vibrational energy in large amounts, your intuition will be blocked.

So, you must practice being around high energies, visualizing them being drawn into your body and holding them there. You can hold them as you hold your breath, breathing them in and holding them there and then letting them out. Practice this over and over and over. Get used to holding very high energies in your physical body.

Practice movement that is slow and steady and gathers energy into you such as Tai Chi, Yoga or other similar physical types of movement that gather energy into your body and practice the visualization while doing this movement and also whilst sitting still.

Your body must be physically prepared to allow an increase of intuition. You are never meant to be going against your physical body to become more intuitive.

You are training the physical body to be in a natural state again. Become grounded physically and then you will rise to the spiritual heights.


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