Musicians of the Sixties and Seventies Silenced? Part 3 – John Lennon

Were Conscious Musicians of the Sixties and Seventies Silenced? Part 3 – John Lennon

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Continued from Part 2

We’re now going to turn our focus onto John Lennon. For those of you who don’t know anything about him, John Lennon was a member of the forever-popular group The Beatles until going solo.

With The Beatles and by himself, Lennon showed the establishment that a single person can motivate and inspire the masses to use our voices. With concerts, protests and myriad other avenues, he helped spread the universal message of peace to billions of people.

He was a noted anti-establishment figure, and like Hendrix and Marley, certainly caught the attention of the cabal.

When we can understand the reality of political systems all over the world in the 60s and 70s (and still today) we’ll see that many of these icons who are so revered in our culture today were threats and targets to the powers that were then.

The leaders of the counterculture likely weren’t revered by as much of the populace as they are today.

The FBI, CIA and various other alphabet agencies of various countries were charged with silencing dissent in any way they could, and if the alternative theories being presented here turn out to be true, than the cabal will have done some pretty grisly things in the name of squashing rebellion.

The stereotype we’re given of hippies is that they were simple pot smoking fornicators who hated the establishment because they hated their parents and didn’t want to get a job.  Yes, the hippies chose to rebel against authority in ways you or I may not today, but the seed they planted has blossomed in so many ways as the populace continues to awaken to everything they began to understand.

A lot of hippies discovered their infinite nature as spiritual beings and worked actively to spread consciousness and liberation to everyone around them.  So it is with John Lennon.

I hardly even need to list the reasons the cabal would be motivated to permanently silence him, but we’ll go over some of those reasons nonetheless. outlines John Lennon’s death, as well as one of his famous actions that caught the attention of the FBI.

“According to the official story, on December 8th 1980 John Lennon was mercilessly gunned down outside his famous Manhattan apartment block, the Dakota Building, by ‘deranged fan’ Mark David Chapman.

Lennon was returning home from a recording session with wife Yoko when Chapman pounced. He was 40 years old.

Nine years earlier, in December 1971, White Panther leader and counter-culture spokesman John Sinclair was languishing in a New York jail, having been busted for possessing marijuana and subsequently framed as a ‘dope ring’ drugs dealer.

Sinclair had served 2 years of his 10-year sentence when John Lennon agreed to headline a benefit concert in his name. Within three days of the concert, as a direct consequence of Lennon’s intervention, John Sinclair walked free, an event noted by then-FBI Director J Edgar Hoover, as well as other right-wing government spooks and agencies in America.

From that day on John Lennon was a marked man.” (5)

The article goes further to present the idea that Mark David Chapman, Lennon’s famous “insane” assassin, could’ve been a victim of the CIA’S MK-ULTRA mind control program. Some of the reasons the cabal could’ve wanted Lennon out of the picture in the eighties are discussed as well.

“In his book (…) author Fenton Bresler presents evidence that the former Beatle’s death was not the work of a ‘lone nut’, but that Mark David Chapman was a CIA asset and that the CIA itself – or a faction within it – was behind the assassination.

Bresler cites Lennon’s political activism as a primary motive.

In support of his claim, Bresler quotes late radio host, Mae Brussell, who broke the Watergate scandal along with Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

‘It was a conspiracy,’ Brussell affirmed. ‘Reagan had just won the election. They knew what kind of president he was going to be. There was only one man who could bring out a million people on demonstration in protest at his policies – and that was Lennon.’

Indeed, a year after Lennon’s death, CIA-backed forces famously massacred more than a thousand civilians in El Salvador, where America was busy fighting a particularly dirty war.

Lennon was opposed to that war, and word is the White House feared he may have spoilt the party had he remained alive and resumed his role as a political activist – which, according to those closest to him, he was planning to do.

Half a million and more marching down Main Street singing Give Peace A Chance is a very loud voice indeed…”

(…) “His subsequent and highly publicized involvement in other civil and political ‘flashpoint’ issues, not least his massively effective campaign to pressure the White House into bringing the Vietnam War to a premature close, costing the US arms industry billions in lost revenue, served only to cement his status as America’s number one ‘enemy of the state’” (5)

The referenced article also points out Lennon’s famous quote from the 1960s about the Beatles being bigger than Jesus and the fact that he received death threats over it at the time. It might go without saying that to say something like that in those times was certainly to challenge the status quo, which our oppressors never want us to do.

Jon King, the referenced article’s writer, then expands on the idea of Chapman as a mind-controlled assassin for the CIA.

“Back in the mid-1990s I was working on a story about ‘black-budget’ programs carried out by government agencies in deep-underground facilities in Britain and the United States.

My main source for this story was a deep-throat CIA runner whom I have always referred to as Stealth (…).’

(…) It was (…) Stealth who first told me about ‘mind-control sleeper agents’ – agents programmed to carry out covert operations in their ‘sleep’: a state of mind induced, not so much by ‘hypnosis’, but by a neural implant known as a stimoceiver – effectively a biochip transceiver implanted in the brain via which audio and visual ‘commands’ could be sent. And received.

According to Stealth, Mark David Chapman was a CIA ‘sleeper agent’ who had been mind-controlled to assassinate John Lennon.

The official story, of course, is very different. But then it always is. Chapman was mentally ill, we were told, psychotic, a ‘deranged fan’ obsessed with killing his hero.” (5)

King also presents another idea that’s emerged, which claims that Chapman wasn’t Lennon’s assassin at all, but was simply controlled by MK-ULTRA to confess to the crime. This allegation points to the doorman on duty at the time of Lennon’s shooting as being a CIA agent and being responsible.

“More recent evidence, suggesting Chapman may not have been Lennon’s murderer at all, or at least that didn’t act alone, should not be discounted either.

Jose Perdomo, doorman on duty at the Dakota Building on the night Lennon was shot, has recently emerged as a possible ‘prime suspect’.

It turns out Perdomo was an anti-Castro Cuban exile who worked for the CIA as long ago as 1961, and was actively involved in the CIA’s failed Bay of Pigs operation.”

(…) “It also emerged that Perdomo conversed with Chapman outside the Dakota Building as the latter waited for Lennon to return home on the night of his murder.

According to police records their conversation centred on the Bay of Pigs operation and one other notorious CIA operation: the assassination of JFK.

Is it merely coincidence that such a hardcore CIA agent was on duty as John Lennon’s ‘doorman’ on the night he was assassinated?

No, I don’t think so, either.”

(…) “Journalist Salvador Astucia takes the theory a step further: according to him, it was Perdomo, and not Chapman, who fired the fatal shots that killed John Lennon.

Astucia asserts that Chapman was little more than a mind-controlled stooge, a patsy who’s ‘induced model psychosis’ and ‘audio-hallucinations’ convinced him to take the rap.

‘He walked past me and then I heard in my head, Do it, do it, do it,’ over and over again, saying ‘Do it, do it, do it,’’ Chapman later confessed.

‘I don’t remember aiming. I must have done, but I don’t remember drawing a bead or whatever you call it. And I just pulled the trigger steady five times.’

He added that he felt ‘no emotion’ as he squeezed the trigger, ‘no anger, [just] dead silence in the brain’, a fact seized upon by author Fenton Bresler, who describes Chapman as a programmed ‘victim‘ in his book, ‘as much the victim of those who wanted to kill John Lennon as Lennon himself’’” (5)

The arresting officer at the scene went on to reveal his disbelief that Chapman was responsible for the shooting.

“For the record, it was Perdomo who informed arresting police officer, Pat Cullen, that Chapman had fired the gun, and not himself.

Cullen later revealed that he didn’t believe Chapman was the killer, saying he ‘looked like a guy who worked in a bank“’.

Even so, Chapman reportedly confessed to the killing.

‘Do you know what you just did?’ Perdomo asked him at the scene.

‘I just shot John Lennon,’ Chapman calmly replied, then promptly sat back down and started reading Catcher In The Rye.” (5)

In the final snippets I’ll post from this source, the article then draws the link between the voices Chapman claimed to be hearing (which he obeyed) and the auditory hallucination-inducing nature of MK-ULTRA.

“According to Chapman, he shot John Lennon in response to ‘voices in his head’ which told him to “Do it, do it, do it”.

This is a consistent theme in Chapman’s testimony; it was also ‘voices in his head’ which later convinced him to change his plea from ‘Not Guilty’ to ‘Guilty’, in consequence of which no trial was ever held.

Perdomo was never summoned to the witness stand. Allegations of CIA involvement were never investigated. The official story remains legally unchallenged to this day.

And all because Chapman changed his plea at the last minute.

So what could possibly have prompted Chapman to change his plea? Why would a murderer suddenly change his plea to ‘Guilty’ and thus give up any chance at all of walking free?

Well according to Chapman, the answer was simple: it was because a “small male voice“ in his head told him to change his plea, and of course he interpreted the voice to be the ‘voice of God’.” (5)

The article mentions that despite his seemingly clear poor mental health, Chapman hasn’t undergone hardly any psychological care since going to prison. It also mentions the belief in Chapman’s interrogator that he’d been “programmed”.

“A more rational explanation (…) would probably be that the ‘small male voice’ was due to Chapman’s mental health, and it’s notable in this regard that he has never undergone any specialist mental health treatment since his incarceration, for schizophrenia or anything else.

As Salvador Astucia writes: ‘Chapman even now has never had more than routine psychiatric care since entering his guilty plea. He was not sent to a mental hospital, but to Attica State Prison. He was judged legally ‘rational’.’

Which leaves us one further, very real possibility.

Induced audio-hallucinations are a very well documented part of the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind-control programming (…).”

(…) “According to Stealth, remember, Chapman was a CIA mind-control ‘sleeper agent’. According to Bresler, he was a long-term CIA asset via his connections to the CIA-connected organization World Vision and had almost certainly undergone some form of mental ‘programming’ during his time with the agency.

And according to Detective Arthur O’Connor, who interrogated Chapman on the night of the murder:

‘It’s possible [Chapman] could have been used by somebody. I saw him the night of the murder. I studied him intensely. He looked as if he could have been programmed.’” (5)

If you’re looking for fruitful factors supporting the idea a CIA mind-controlled assassination of John Lennon, look no further! All of this is certainly convincing, and while we still can’t know one way or another, this material about the CIA’s very real and declassified MK-ULTRA certainly makes you think.

Clearly, John Lennon was helping the people to be progressive – to stand up to forces that’ll only keep us down and tell us how to live our lives. He inspired people to use their voices for the good of the planet. I can certainly see the cabal recognizing the perceived need to “silence” Lennon, because if I can be allotted to speak from a dualistic viewpoint for a moment, he was “beating” them.

He was helping spread peace and awareness, and was helping the people to find and establish liberation instead of listening to what the men in the suits tell us. Most of our elected leaders have long been working for the interests lobbying them on various issues and throwing gross sums of money at them to be in favor of certain legislation or political ideology.

Sure, there are the few politicians out there with genuinely positive intent, but they’ve been forced work through a manipulated system that’s in favor of the few and biased toward the many. Going against the status quo sees us exit our own pre-programmed mechanisms and ways of living and being, and the cabal has fought quite rigorously to maintain control over the programmed masses for decades and centuries.

Lennon’s music and message will continue to inspire an ever-growing number of conscious individuals to recognize the active oppression of humanity that has and continues to take place. We can break free from the control that’s sought to rule our lives, and in mass numbers we can bring about a new paradigm based in the best interests of every person.

The paradigm I speak of is one where we’ll all work actively to keep our world sustained and where we’ll experience widespread prosperity, peace and harmony. Lennon and so many others strived to see us bring this paradigm about, and for that reason alone it’s essential that we really begin getting to work.

Continued in part 4 tomorrow.


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