Slowly Climbing the Stairway to Heaven

Slowly Climbing the Stairway to Heaven

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Stairway to Heaven 2<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”Stairway to Heaven 2″ src=”” width=”275″ height=”183″ />Gathering together periodically at events like the Sedona Conference last year and the Joshua Tree Conference this year afford us a moment to see where we are with ourselves.

And one of the things that becomes apparent is that we really are in a gradual Ascension. Of course all enlightenments are gradual and then they are sudden. Zen monks meditate gradually for decades but become enlightened all at once, in an instant, in a discontinuity of consciousness that happens faster than the snap of a finger.

So all enlightenment has its gradual and sudden components and we’re in our gradual component at the moment.

But I saw at Joshua Tree that great strides had been taken by this person. I am no longer nervous in front of a crowd. I can receive a compliment without wiping the floor with my face. And I don’t need to be the center of attention. All of these matters show a gradual opening.

What have the masters said about the gradual component of our awakening? The angel group speaking through Natalie Glasson said that we can awaken to our superhero status but we then need time to grow into what we’ve awakened to.

“As you awaken it could be likened to suddenly realising that you are a superhero and you always have been! You understand most of your abilities and can see your great potential as a being on the Earth. The only problem is that you are aware of your superhero powers but you have to give yourself time to grow into your powers, to become familiar with them and to learn how to wield them in your reality.

“With a beautiful perspective of yourself it can be painful to not instantly be able to project your powers into your physical reality to make the necessary alterations to the reality that you experience. This in itself can cause pain and suffering until you learn to accept and be content in the speed of your ascension awakening.

“With many other people around you realising that they are superheroes, it can be difficult not to compare yourself but there is a need to focus on loving yourself unconditionally as this will nurture the divine powers within you at an accelerated rate.” (1)

When Archangel Michael has told me about one of my past lives, it causes a revolution in my being and takes quite some time to assimilate so I know what Natalie is referring to.

The Arcturian Group explains that a sudden intake of higher-dimensional energy could impact our bodies.

“Spiritual evolution is a gradual unfolding process, as an unprepared physical body could not survive an intense sudden intake of higher frequency energy – they would be incapable of handling it. The profound experiences that some indeed may have, are the fruit of an attained state of consciousness – hard work done in previous lifetimes.” (2)

Aisha North’s sources encourage us to look back and see how far we’ve come and reassure us that going at a slow and even pace will get us there just as fast as going faster. “Heaven,” by the way, is the name the ancients gave to the Fifth Dimension or Mental Plane.

“We … know that you can already feel the strengthening of the bonds between you and your core. For the one you are today is becoming more and more as the ONE you truly are, and it will not come as a surprise to anyone at this stage that this is indeed a process that has to be taken in steps.

“And by now, you have already passed a multitude of steps on this ‘stairway to heaven’ if we may use such a description, and we gather you will all get a kick out of looking back down to where you came from. Is it not a long drop down, and have you not mastered so much to get to this lofty vantage point already?

“And please trust us when we say that even if you think we will once again ask you to muster whatever patience you might have left – for we will – let us also tell you that if you could see just how few steps there are ahead, we know you would all eagerly rush up those last enticing steps in a great hurry to get you all the way to the top.

“Well, you might get more than a little out of breath if you do, so we suggest you keep up the pace you are already at. For this will serve you very well indeed, and it will not take you any longer to ”get to the top” anyway. For in this as in everything else, events will unfold at the designated time and at the designated sequence, so just follow your own inner voice and know that every step you do take, no matter how hard or high soft it feels, will take you the exact length that is intended.” (3)

There’s much about Earth’s Ascension that is new in the cosmos, and our desire to rise as one is one of those novelties, the Hathors say. As a collective, we haven’t yet reached the quotient of light assimilation that would allow the whole to feel and resonate with the new energies.

“Your evolution is coming about in a collective manner, and this isn’t the norm for the ascension of most planets.

“A certain quotient must be reached before the collective energies can resonate with the frequency of the fifth-dimensional energies you’ll be constantly absorbing and assimilating to Create the reality you’ll find around you, and at present, the collective is still largely feeding into the mechanisms of separation and unawareness that would only keep you situated upon a lower vibration forever if allotted.” (4)

Hilarion explains that the amount of change that happens to the familiar requires us to go inside and spending time outdoors and stabilize as we go through this process.

“Awakening most often occurs when there is something revealed that was not known before which rocks the foundation that people based their lives upon. This shakes the template that has been in place around the Earth and around each inhabitant and opens up the contemplation of other possibilities that were not considered before.

“Going within during these times can help to keep individuals stabilized and harmonious, and the spending of as much time outdoors amongst the trees, plants, birdlife and water as possible can help to keep a person grounded and in balance with a healthy chakra system.” (5)

Of course once we reach the place where our bodies have changed to crystalline from carbon, our twelve strands of DNA are functioning, and other changes are fully in place, we experience what Archangel Michael has called the “snap” of Ascension. But until then we keep simmering on the stove or warming up in the oven – and slowly rising.


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