The Gift:

The Gift:

Open-Heart Surgery, After 30 Years The Circle Is Complete.

None of this would have been possible if it were not for a wife like Teri, she has stood with me all the way.

On May 3, 1984 I Collided With A Cadillac That Made A Left In Front Of Me, I Hit Her At 45 MPH And Stay With The Bike And Car. This Was The First Time I Broke My Neck, A Lot Of Other Bones And A Compound Fracture Of My Left Leg, Also Broken A Few Ribs Over The Heart. I Was Told  I Died, My Heart Did Not Beat For 4 Or 5 Min. I Think This Is Where The Value Was Damaged. Do Not Have Any Memory Of Where I Work That Day Or For The Next Three Weeks. I Was Back To Work A Couple Of Weeks Before Thanksgiving. I Started Looking At Things Differently, I Used To Tell People I Do Believe In God And Now I Realized It Was Religion I Didn’t Believe In. I Always Believed In Reincarnation And The Metaphysical Arts, And Now Is Looking At Things Differently. I Grew Up In A House In Downingtown Pennsylvania That Was Haunted, So Know About Spirits And Ghosts But Didn’t Know Very Much About Spirituality.

On September 3, 1988 Teri And I Were Passing A 2 1/2 Ton Flatbed Truck, Teri Screamed She’s Coming Over, I Looked Over And Our Necks Weren’t Even With The Flatbed, Didn’t Want To Lose Our Heads Over This One. We Hit The Cab, Then I Felt Teri Hit Me, The Next Thing I Know I Am Under The Truck With The Bike Still Between My Legs And I’m Calling Teri’s Name, It Took A Couple Times Before She Answered, She Was All Right. I Remembering Asking To Be Able To Raise My Kids And How Getting Some Help Here Would Be Nice. We’re Outside Taylor Arizona And There Is Not Much There. I Had Taken Out The Right Side Of My Body, Compound Fracture The Lower Leg, Most The Soft Tissue On Lower Right Leg Was Gone And I Broke A Bunch Of Bones Again. I Made It Back To Work Couple Weeks Before Thanksgiving Again, But This Time Was Harder, A Lot More Pain And Discomfort. I Had A Conscious Out Of Body Experience And Started To Read Everything I Could Find On Out Of Body And Near-Death Experience. I Knew There Was So Much More Than We Ever Been Told Because I Should Be Dead Now. Instead I’m Coming Back Once More And Looking For Answers.

May 21, 1991 Diving Into A Pool I Broke My Neck For Second Time, It Was About 430 In The Afternoon, As I Started The Diet one of The Kids Jumped In Front And I Tried Changing in midair. I Hit The Bottom, It Was A Hard Jolt, Teri Saw What Happened And Help Me Out. I Had Her Walk My Back A Couple Of Times To See If We Can Get It To Pop, No Luck. So I took A Bottle Of Jack And Went Inside On The Floor Up Against The Arm Of The Couch And Proceeded To Drink my Bottle. When To The Hospital The Next Morning, Had X-Rays And Was Told It Was Fine. On Tuesday We Go By The Hospital To Pick Up My X-Rays And They Saw a shadow Wanted To Redo Them, Now They See My Neck Is Broken, This Is The Third Day. Once again I Get To Where A Fur-Lined Halo Vest For The Summer In Phoenix with the temperature Of 110 And You Got To Be Kidding Me. I Filed For Disability About Two Weeks Before This Happened so I didn’t have to worry about work.

February 18, 1995 I pick up a high-speed wobble at about 70 mph on Interstate 10, I tried everything to get her back under control, last thing I remember was thinking how much this is going to hurt. I remember seeing grass growing in the cracks of the concrete on the freeway as I went sliding by, vaguely remember the helicopter then three weeks later asking what happened. If I’m by myself I leave to escape the pain and come back a few weeks later when Teri was with me I stuck around and remember everything. I had a lot of road rash and broken bones, my left shin bone has a piece of the cadaver bone about 6 or 7 inches long at the top, took about three years to get it taken care of. The doctor says he doesn’t know how my leg works but whatever I’m going keep it up. After this one I got serious,  by May 1999,I was a level Three Reiki practitioner, October of 1999, I became a hospice volunteer. I was also taking classes on metaphysical studies at Glendale community college. 19 of April 2001 I became a USUI REIKI MASTER TEACHER.

September 2007 had three teeth pulled and became septic, spent October November in the hospital not knowing what was wrong. They found an aortic aneurysm that needed to be repaired, so couple months after getting out of the hospital for this I was back in for, four stench’s around the aortic aneurysm that was in January of 08. In August of 08 I was back in for a bleeding bacterial ulcer, only stay for a couple days that time.

From then until now I’ve been pretty much at home working on the computer, have a lot of trouble walking, and have been in a lot of pain. Max and a few others have graduated and returned home and have ofttimes thought I would like to be with them. So when I saw the cardiologist and he told me I needed surgery my reply was get rid of my pain and will do the surgery. I had been to back specialist and pain clinics and was told to find a good chiropractor because there was nothing they could do. April I develop psoriasis, saw a dermatologist, he gave me some creams, didn’t seem to do much. When my skin grafts were dry and cracked I started doing MSM and Vit. C, it took a few months but cleared up so why not now. I started taking 4 tablespoons of MSM two in the morning and two in the afternoon along with three or 4000 units of vitamin C. In about a week I could walk without pain, I didn’t need my glasses to read or watch TV and drive, but boy did I shake. So I decided to have the heart repaired.

Tomorrow October 1, 2013 I go have angiogram done, Wednesday I see the heart surgeon and scheduled operation. It will be a whole new world when I come out the other side, there will be more blood flowing to my Veins than has been for 30 years. I think this and it give me a whole new outlook on life, all for the better. The things that will be opened up to me now I can only dream of, I get a whole new world to play in.

I wanted to get this written before the surgery so I can see how it looks like after.

Peace      love       and light        Tim