God via Heart Song Meditation: Let Me Set You Free

God via Heart Song Meditation: Let Me Set You Free

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Every time you complain about life you diminish the flow of love energy, the flow of My life sustaining light, that moves through your body. When you constrict your heart you diminish your life force. You diminish your vitality. You diminish your energy.

This is not a condemnation; but it is a warning. You do yourself no good with your lamentations.

How many times have you heard someone look at a child and say, “I wish I had their energy.” In truth aging is not as big a drain of itself as people think. Negative thinking is the real drain. Negative thinking is a disease. It robs you of peace and joy. Joy is important. Your enjoyment of life and the energy you have in life are inseparable. Love life more and you will find that you have more energy.

Bless your life. Bless the world. Do not lament lack. It is bad for you to lament. It is good for you to bless. It is good for you to appreciate. Enjoy life more. This is not to say you should or must forsake your responsibilities; but, bring more of joy with you. Carry the lightness of joy with you this day. Carry My Love in your heart instead of lamentations. Carry My Great Light instead of sorrow and pain.

You have had enough of sorrow. Let it go. Let sorrow be a thing of the past. Let ever increasing joy be your present and your future. Just call on Me when you are experiencing distress and I will lift you up. You are not alone. You do not need to transform yourself; but you do need to transform. Trust in Me. I will guide your transformation. I give you My Love. I give you My Boundless Good Cheer. I give you My Limitless Positivity. I give you Eternal Joy.

Let My Joy take root in your heart. Let the seed of My Perfect Love grow within you so that you may bring the world much needed love. Grow in love and work to spread love across the face of the earth.

Plant seeds of love and light wherever you go.

Let love grow.

Fill the world with My Love.

Fill the world with joy and appreciation.

Fill the world with blessings.

Do what you can to bring comfort and peace. Do what you can to lift others out of their sorrows. Give comfort to those in need of comfort. Love the world for Me. Love the world for you. Love the world for your brothers and sisters who are burdened with thoughts of darkness.

Let Me set you free so that you may work to set them free as well.

Let Me help you to find joy so that you can share joy and spread joy.

Embrace My Boundless Positivity and bring that energy into the world.