Making the Jump

Making the Jump

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    Category: Uncategorized<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”” src=”” width=”133″ height=”182″ />I so love the teachings of the Arcturian Group. (Thank you, Marilyn. No, I don’t get a toaster for saying this.)

But this month’s message had me absolutely tingling and wanting to rush to my keyboard.

They talk about the progressively-deeper levels of clearing we’re going through. Now we’re tapping into past-life experiences.

Some among us have been burned at the stake in past lives for pushing spiritual truth forward against a controlling religious regime. Others have been executed for protecting the innocent during war. Others have been massacred during the holocaust.

And those among us are now reliving these experiences to clear them from our memories. Aside from reminding us that these are vasanas (1) and need to be re-experienced and completed (or detached from, as my colleague did recently or handed over to the Divine Mother), I’d like to focus on what the Arcturian Group said next.

“Everything is spiritual for there is nothing else – One Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Consciousness manifesting ITSELF AS… It has been mankind’s ignorance of this and his belief in duality and separation that has created the world you have come to know and believe in – one filled with pairs of opposites.” (2)

Most of us firmly believe that who we are is this body. Very few of us get that who we are, in the last analysis, is what we think of as amorphous Light.

How can we be formless Light? Where is the brain? Where is the ability to do things with limbs? How do we get around? How do we exist? All these questions stem from beliefs associated with life in a body.

It’s as if we were guests at a masked ball and I was wearing the mask of, say, the Count of Monte Cristo. And I really, really believed I was the Count. No, I was not Steve Beckow. I was the Count. I am a Count. Please don’t try to convince me otherwise.

And someone pours a bucket of cold water over me and gets me to wake up to the fact that I’m not the Count of Monte Cristo

We are absolutely convinced that we are this body. We’re convinced that we cannot live without eating, think without this brain, walk without our legs, and so on. AND that we will die. This for us is the unquestioned conventional wisdom. Even if we don’t believe, we feel ourselves obliged to act socially as if we do.

But we’re no such thing and we face no such future.

But because we’re convinced that we’re limited to this physical body, we don’t get what awakening does for us. The Arcturian Group says:

“Awareness is the goal of the spiritual journey and is what you are awakening to now. You are ready. As consciousness awakens individually and globally to the truth of Being and the error of duality and separation, the outer scene will – must – automatically change. Each realization of truth adds to Universal Light and helps to dissolve those false appearances created in and of ignorance.”

As consciousness awakens individually and globally to the truth of Being and the error of duality and separation, the outer scene must automatically change. Awakening causes this change.

But we so seldom have the experience of awakening to anything, except our waking consciousness from sleep, that we don’t get how an essentially interior experience can change the outer world as we perceive it.

We cannot make the shift from conceiving ourselves as this 5-6-foot body and its processes. We cannot make the jump to knowing ourselves as essentially a formless Light inhabiting a body.

We cannot stop thinking of ourselves as the Count rather than the wearer of the Count mask.

What will it take to have us see that we are not this body? An out-of-body experience? A near-death experience? Enlightenment?

Given that so few of us have these extraordinary experiences of a year, how can the rest of us make that leap?

We must make this primary shift from the limiting concept that we are the artifact (the body) to the fact (the soul).  However we do it, that shift is so basic to life that it could be said to be a part of life’s very purpose.

The rest of its purpose is to make the further shift from knowing that we are the soul to knowing that we are the One, the Oversoul, the Supreme Self, which is also a No-Self. That is the task that all of us face and that all of us will complete, as Sri Ramakrishna said, some in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some in the evening of life.


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