Enroute Back to Michigan

Enroute Back to Michigan

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andrea<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”andrea” src=”https://d3ojdig7p1k9j.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Photo-on-2011-10-11-at-17.47.jpg” width=”153″ height=”123″ />On An Hour with an Angel, (1) Archangel Michael tasked Andrea and George Scully with challenging the Third-Dimensionality of our present attitude towards borders. Andrea and George are now making decisions that will shape the rest of their addressing of this issue.

Hi, lovers!

We’ve had three days off to get a handle on our business. In a nice motel and out of the truck here in Atlanta, Georgia. We’ve slept a lot and also have been immersed in a flurry of phone calls, skypes, emails, and so forth. We’re now back in the truck with a load back to the border to turn in the work truck to his Canadian company.

We’ve been advised that he’s been very lucky not to have been turned back at the border since 2009, when we first filed this visa application. We had no idea that he could be refused entry to the US by anyone who might just be having a bad day, either for 5 years or even permanently!! Such risk is unacceptable, but who knew?

There are so many details to this there is no way to do it now without proper legal counsel. Thank you, AAM, and also to our Amoran for serving as the boots on the ground channel to bring us the good counsel he has and also my undying gratitude for all who have given, prayed and sent loving support to us during this frightening passage. Talk about a wake up call!

The choices were plain on this. We have no choice now really. He will be remaining in the US for the remainder of the time it takes to finish out this visa process, which will probably be at least 3 and a half to four months. The job has to be put aside and without the green card, he isn’t allowed to work in the US.

So you all know, between what we have carefully put aside and what has been given already, there is enough to take us to the next stage of our journey. There is also more coming in all the time and there’s no way to express the wonder and the gratitude we feel for this amazing and miraculous demonstration of love and shared resources.

Thanks, everyone, for participating in this direct experience of how it works when we move from love and we support one another in community. My husband is about blown out of his boots, and so am I. We are ravished from your love, lovers!

I believe I’ve made it through all the emails sent to thank each one for your support. If I somehow missed you, please let me know, I wish to thank you personally. (Sorry, Diane, you slipped through the cracks somehow, plz email me.)

We’ve had a couple of offers for a sponsor, and dozens of offers of a place to shelter. Since riding out the four months is going to be the biggest part of the expense in terms of rent, we’ve chosen to arrange for staying with one of our forum members who can use our help at this time. The opportunity to keep busy and also to be helpful is a great blessing. You know who you are, darling, we’ll be seeing you very soon.

Thank you to all those who offered me (us) shelter, I wish I could ravish you all with the love we’ve been ravished with in the last few days, lol. It’s almost like being hit by a truck, shocking and knocking us right out of our fear and into our awe and gratitude!

Intense either way, folks, but I have to say, once one goes through something like this, there isn’t any slipping back into the illusions anymore of how there is no support and no abundance in this Universe. May this realization come to all of us at this time. We all need to really know this and to bring it home to roost in our hearts.

I’m so far behind on the posts here and on the blog posts, I’m clueless what’s up on a current level really. I’ll catch up with it as I may, but thank you to our moderators who lovingly monitor here and always will. As you know, I love you all so dearly and I’m blessed with the opportunity to know you and work with you. Gush!!

Ok, this is long enough, so just know I am in love with you all. I may come down from my cloud soon enough and back to ground again, LOL. In the meantime, xoxoxoxoxoxoxxox!

Blessings to all,



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