Meditation: You Don’t See the Whole Picture

God via Heart Song Meditation: You Don’t See the Whole Picture

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blindfold<img style=”border: 10px none white; margin: 10px;” alt=”blindfold” src=”×500.jpg” width=”190″ height=”190″ />God: You Don’t See the Whole Picture, channeled by Heart Song Meditation, October 5, 2013 at

I know how hard it can be for you when others do not believe in you. It can be, or at least seem hard, to believe in yourself when others don’t have faith in your capabilities. There is part of you that believes and there is part of you that accepts the doubt and fear from others, terrified that its the truth.

Often, you don’t know what is true. You don’t always know what to believe.

And yet, there is My Voice. There is the gentle, steady re-assurance of your heart. Your Inner Guidance says, “Yes, Child, this is the way you are to go. This is the path for you.”

How you ache for your friends and family to believe in you!

And how you wish you didn’t wonder if they were right.

Child, there is no easy answer for this problem. There is no magic words I can say to make the pain vanish. There is no path without some pain for you.

You are more capable than you think. You are far more capable than you fear and they fear, but I know that it is often hard for you to believe when progress seems so slow. I know how you wish you had some evidence, some proof you could share those you care about to put their minds at ease. I know how you wish for you own mind to be at ease.

For the moment, the best I can say is that it will pass. You can and will continue to learn and grow. You are learning, growing and developing more with every day. You can succeed along this path. Fear and doubt, no matter how logical, no matter how well reasoned, still do not see the whole picture. They don’t see the whole picture. You don’t see the whole picture. None of My Children do. It is too vast for your mind to grasp it all.

Believe Me when I tell you that it is alright. You are alright. Take comfort in your faith. Take comfort in My Words of love. Your hearts’ path is not going to lead you into any trouble that you cannot handle.

Though it hurts right now there is nothing wrong with you. And, there is nothing wrong with those who worry about you. Yes, their fear spreads and they do not understand; but, they do love you and they mean well.

Child, let it go.

Let their words fade from your mind.

Let the fear fade away.

Allow Me to restore your inner balance. Allow Me to bring peace and tranquility where there has been turmoil. Let Me bring you peace.

Rest a bit and allow the gentle soothing light of My Love to wash over you. Let My Peace take root in your heart. Let Me restore your faith and your confidence in yourself.

Accept My blessings, Child, and be strong.

I give you strength.