Heavenletter #4700 The Land of Opportunity , October 7, 2013

Heavenletter #4700 The Land of Opportunity , October 7, 2013

postdateiconMonday, 07 October 2013 21:43 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

God said:

Do not think that your task is to avoid involvement in life. Your task is to fully involve yourself in life. Engage. Have an awareness of this spectacular gift that life on Earth is. There is nowhere quite like it. Earth is indeed the Land of Opportunity. Do not consider life on Earth as mundane or unworthy of you or of anything less than a privilege. I am telling you that you are privileged to be a human being on Earth.   Life does not have to earn your affection. It is for you to be worthy of life on Earth. Avail yourself of the treasures that life brings to you. Know that you are fortunate, and more good fortune is coming.   Consider Earth a playground. There are always more and more areas to play in, to exercise in, to learn from. Play for all you are worth. Be an equal opportunity player. You are blessed to be on Earth. Know your blessings.   What you are not to consider is this kind of thinking: “I have to be good at it.”

No, not at all. You don’t. What you have to do, what is worth doing, is to enjoy. You do not have to be the world’s finest, fastest, smartest, winningest at all. Forget that kind of thinking. You have to only to be you.   The basis of your life on Earth is joy not performance. The more joy you have, the more joy you radiate. Be joyful.   Some of My children are talented in gloom and loss and concerns about imperfection. Don’t let that be you. Know how blessed you are. Be blessed.   In terms of Earth, if worldly perfection were a goal of Mine for you, you would have worldly perfection already. There are blessings in imperfection. Let go of perfectness. In terms of Heaven lingo, you are indeed perfect. Earth is where you can play, and joy is the theme. You are learning joy. You are learning to emanate joy regardless of particular circumstances. It is not so much that life has to be spectacular. You have to be propitious. It is you. It is for you to take responsibility for your life.   Look, here you have been sent to Earth and instructed to enjoy. Here you are. All the toys and joys in the world, and all for you.   In addition, you have the extras like sun in the morning and the moon in the evening.   Yes, make hay while the sun shines. Furthermore, there is no counting. There is no competition. Each of My children is to find his or her own joy. Everyone knows what joy feels like. You are the decider of your own joy.   Of course, there are generalities We can make. Joy isn’t something you buy or barter for. Joy is for itself. You are entitled to it. It is yours for the asking.   Your joy becomes the building block of joy in the world. By default, you contribute. The sentence: Have you contributed yet? takes on a new meaning. No one wants to disappoint God.   How much joy you do contribute is tantamount to the joy you receive.   How many people may have smiled this morning because of you. At the same time, naturally you are not in competition with anyone, not even yourself. There is joy. That’s it. There is no better joy or lesser joy. Joy is, and it is yours. It is for you. According to the amount of joy you have, that you give. It is yours to give, and yet your joy is multiplied. You can share joy. You can’t really give it away because joy has its own rules of multiplication. Division is not in the curriculum.

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