What It Means that the Mother Should Address Us This Way

What It Means that the Mother Should Address Us This Way

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Divine-Mother-3<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”Divine-Mother-3″ src=”https://d3ojdig7p1k9j.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Divine-Mother-3.jpg” width=”220″ height=”172″ />The interview with the Divine Mother that she allowed us yesterday (1) was one of the most inspiring moments for me in my work here.

In my view, the Mother spoke as the Father. She spoke of how her energy is irresistible and how angels and masters rush to assist her when she pours her energy on beings. She revealed that what she is doing for us now is what spiritual seekers in past centuries would have died for. But here it is being freely given to all of us.

She asked us, if we feel discouraged, to come home to her – no, not as in leave this planet, say, in suicide. Not at all. But to come home to her in our meditation and ask her to carry us for a while.

She told us that the material prosperity that the Reval will bring, when we stop squabbling, posturing and holding it up, is designed as a concomitant to our spiritual unfoldment, to make things easier for us. As such, it is a part of the Ascension process.

She told us what our responsibilities were as wayshowers on the first planet to ascend – to carve out the path others could follow when they too go through an Ascension process with their physical bodies intact, something that has never happened before. She made it plain that the paths we carve out will be followed.

Just as Linda shared, so I share as well: I’ve never felt such expansion in myself in this lifetime as I do now. Oh yes, I’ve had numerous spiritual experiences in which I felt this at peak moments and then it disappeared. But now I feel this way from morning till night and it doesn’t disappear.

The Mother is as close to God as we’ll get. Because we can never reach God? No, we’ll reach God.  But because when we do reach God, “we” will disappear. There will be no “we” when we rejoin God. The mind will disappear. The sense of individuality will vanish. There will be no sense of a separate self. There will only be, as Bernadette Roberts says, one No-Self or, as Werner Erhard says, Everything/Nothing.

So, if we speak of that which we know, we can only know the Mother. We cannot know the Father. The Father is “known” in unknowing.

The Mother in her interview yesterday has revealed herself to us, her mysterious processes, her irresistibility, as far as I’ve ever heard her speak.

That must mean something and to me it means that we’re unfolding, we’re ready, we’re leading the way. It means that she looks upon us as sufficiently expanded that we can hear her because we have ears now to hear and see her because we have eyes now to see.

No, this energy that’s pouring out on us this week and which is palpable is not Ascension. But it is for me at least the first palpable outpouring of energy that I can honestly say I can feel and watch myself benefitting from.

It’s fascinating to watch how all of this is being orchestrated. The blessing of prosperity is on the horizon. The rivers of gold that St. Germaine talked about are rushing towards us.

And at the same time we’re being blessed with an outpouring of spiritual gold as the Mother washes us clean in the blood of the Christ (well, these rivers of energy are the blood of the Christ, are they not? Isn’t this what the fine words of the prophets point to?) in preparation for our sacred marriage.


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