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God via Heart Song Meditation: You Don’t Need to Fight Your Emotions

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You have thought that there was something wrong with you because of your doubt and fear. You imagined that they were a bigger problem than they truly are. Truthfully, it is more of a problem that you fight and resist these feelings than it is that you experience them.

As important as faith is for you, that doesn’t mean that fear and doubt will cripple or destroy you. You don’t want to hang onto them; but, that doesn’t mean that you need to be completely free of them. Doubting your ability to run the race will only stop you if you let it. The emotion has no power. It does not harm on its own. It is meaningless static. It is an observation based on rationality and a snapshot of experience in a given moment. If you are capable and you dismiss the doubt and keep running there is no problem.

You don’t need to fight your emotions.

There is no gain for you in fighting your emotions.

There is a great deal of your personal suffering and inner turmoil which comes from fighting your emotions.

It’s time to let go. It’s time to allow. It’s time to accept. It’s time to recognize that the feelings themselves are harmless. They are not your enemy. I know that you thought that they were. But, they are not. They have no power. They are really not all that important.

Faith is what allows you to move past these thoughts and feelings and keep going. Faith is awareness of your own strength. You overcome fear and doubt by bringing your awareness back to your strength. Overcoming fear and doubt is not fighting them though. You overcome by disengaging. You dismiss them. You let them go. You choose not to believe them.

That is all.

It is no big thing.

It is not a challenge. It is not hard and not meant to be hard.

It is important to believe in yourself. It is important that you have faith in Me. But, it is not important that fear and doubt cease to be. You do not need to be free of fear to have strong faith. You do not need to never have misgivings. You do not need to be pure and perfect as you imagine.

Faith matters; but, faith is just remembering. When you forget you need to remember. When you doubt your strength you need to re-affirm your strength. And sometimes you need to listen when your body tells you that you’ve pushed enough for one day. You may be able to run a marathon in time; but, that doesn’t mean you can run a marathon every day.

You are strong, but you do have limits. It’s alright. There is nothing wrong with that. It is good that you seek to overcome your limitations; but, don’t get caught up in the illusion that you must be the greatest. You don’t need to be the best. You don’t need worldly perfection.

You need love.

I love you.

And I urge you to accept My Love.

Learn to love yourself as I love you.

Love yourself without cause and without limitations.

You do not need a reason to love yourself. Let go of reason. Love is greater than reason. Love surpasses all reason. Reason is ordinary and love is extraordinary. Let go of thinking you need to do anything to be worth loving. You are worth loving now. Let go of the idea that you need to earn love. You are gifted love. Love is your birthright. You need only to claim love. You need only to accept love. You need only to acknowledge the love that is already yours.

My Love is already yours. You are already dearly beloved. You are worthwhile. You are My Beloved Child. You are My Angel on earth. You are Divine.

I love you, Child.

I love you.

I love you as you are.

I love you regardless of your mistakes.

I love you regardless of your virtues.

I love you always.

I love you here and now.

I love your heart.

I love your light.

I just love you.


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