: Experiencing Fear Does Not Make You a Coward

God via Heart Song Meditation: Experiencing Fear Does Not Make You a Coward

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I do not blame you for being afraid.

I do not think that there is anything wrong with you.

In fact, I know that there is nothing wrong with you.

It is normal and natural for My Children to feel fear when they are confronted with the inexplicable. It is normal to be afraid of that which you do not understand and cannot really control. There is no shame in it.

Experiencing fear does not make you a coward.

Let Me repeat Myself because you still have trouble with this one: Experiencing fear does not make you a coward.

The emotion is not as important as you think. Faith is about going forward regardless of your fear. In time your experiences will show you that your fears are groundless and you will be able to fully let go of them then. For the moment though all you need to do is trust. You just need to keep practicing. You need to keep praying and meditating. Continue to re-affirm your commitment to going forward. Continue to invite Me into your heart and into your life several times a day.

That is enough.

You can and will see more as time passes.

You can and will talk with more spirits. You will learn to see them as well as hear them. You can and will get better at seeing auras and the flow of energy. And yes, you can and will master your telekinetic abilities. These things are all happening. The spiritual connection between your body and soul is getting stronger. You are learning and growing.

Just remember, only good things can come from love.

It is the nature of love to create beauty.

It is the nature of love to manifest perfection.

The gifts you seek are already a part of you, but it takes time for them to come to the surface. It takes time for connections to form. The old patterns of fear and doubt which buried those abilities are being dissolved and you will be able to integrate things soon. In fact, integration is ongoing. Every day you more fully integrate your spiritual gifts into your conscious reality. As you listen to My Words you are integrating your spiritual gifts. You are accessing them and growing stronger. It becomes easier. It becomes more natural.

Tomorrows “new” ability is built on the work that We are doing here and now. Tomorrows progress is built on todays efforts.

Continue to dismiss your fears when you notice them. Continue to pray and meditate. Continue to say aloud, “I choose to walk the path of light and love. I choose to walk the path of Ascension. I trust in the power of My Father in Heaven to lead me and guide me along the path of greatest good. I trust that the Power of God never fails.”

Your affirmations matter.

Your commitments matters.

Your willpower and dedication matters.

Peace will come in time.

It cannot be rushed.


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