From “I” to “We”

From “I” to “We”

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We 22<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”We 22″ src=”” width=”167″ height=”167″ />I’m having a war within myself – a difficult but necessary war.

I’m watching within myself the self-serving bias, expressed at whole new levels. I notice that it’s almost impossible to escape from considering things from my own vantage point overwhelmingly.

I get that it’s necessary to consider many things from that vantage point but there are some where it’s important to consider them from the vantage point of the other. And when those matters arise, I find it challenging to loosen the tendency to keep the attention focused on myself.

No, that does not completely capture it. It actually goes much further. There’s a tendency to see myself as the only important thing in the universe to myself and to judge everything from the standpoint of how it rebounds on me.

And it’s inconceivably difficult to interrupt that thought pattern or tendency. But recently I’ve been finding it necessary.

I imagine that once broken a tremendous amount of energy and bliss will be released but, until it is, I cannot see that far ahead to know what it will bring.

I do get that releasing ourselves from the limited perspective that we’re the most important thing in the universe to ourselves is important work. It doesn’t mean that someone else is more important. What it does is it frees us up for unitive consciousness. And that’s the point of the exercise, I think.

The shift is not from “I” to “other.” The shift is from “I” to “we.”