Heavenletter #4705 Put Out the Little Fires , October 12, 2013

Heavenletter #4705 Put Out the Little Fires , October 12, 2013

postdateiconSaturday, 12 October 2013 20:47 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

God said:

There is no need to emphasize what aggravates you. No need at all. Do not respond to aggravation so desperately, as if you cannot abide it, as if you cannot live with it, as if you cannot carry on with it. When something bothers you, whatever it is, someone’s annoying habit, clearing his throat incessantly, the TV always on, and so forth, you do not have to let an aggravation set your teeth on edge.      The world and those in the world do not always consider you and what matters to you. As best you can, you may have to put yourself aside. In any case, whatever you do, don’t make a major case of whatever it is. Your life does not depend on it.      Everyone is just like you. They want their peace and contentment to take precedence over their lack of contentment. People’s wills are strong when it comes to protecting their territory. Not everyone cares about being considerate. Yet I must tell you that it is a good idea for you to be considerate. It could be said that sometimes you simply have to put yourself aside for the greater good. You don’t like to do that, of course, for you want consideration of you to be predominant. You may be very right, dear ones, but what does your being right have to do with settling an argument and bringing peace?

A debate fans the flames of the fire.      Come to peace with life and those who are in it with you.      Remember Me. Can you really be aggravated when you think of Me? Can you not be someone who goes beyond aggravation? Consider aggravation as some kind of appetite and know it will pass.      What I am asking of you is to be a good sport in life. Make a fair trade with life. I would not suggest that you never come first any more than I would suggest that you always come first. I do understand that you are doing your best. Yet, even so, there are times when it’s necessary for you to do even better. You can raise the rope of consideration in your life.      You have greater strength than you know. You don’t have to call your consideration as giving in. You are going beyond your ordinary limits. Is that not a good thing, beloveds, to go beyond limits and stretch your good-naturedness further?      Here’s the thing: In life, you are not always treated as you should be treated. Other people put their needs before yours. Others may not give you a five-star rating. Give a high rating to yourself, and come to the point where others do not have to affirm you. It is you and I who travel this road, and We travel it together.      On Earth, not everyone receives merit. Acknowledge yourself, yet don’t necessarily stick to your guns. Let others have their merit. Your merit does not have to take precedence. Nor do your annoyance and aggravation have to take precedence over your merit. Remember this, dear ones. Generosity and good-naturedness are to take precedence over annoyance in your life.      These are little things We are talking about, and you can smile and go on with what you are doing despite the circumstances, despite the circumstances of how you feel and someone else’s apparent lack of regard for you. Others do not learn well from your annoyance, yet they may well learn from your example.      Remember who you really are, and be that. You are a child of God, and you show the way. If it helps you, do it for Me. I hold you in great merit.

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