Heart Surgery;

Heart Surgery;

Good morning;

Saw the surgeon yesterday and it looks like it will be next week, they will do the open heart because of scar tissue in the areas that they would need to go through to do it the other way, expected nothing less from spirit. I am doing good, think it is kind of funny, the game that is played out, so kick back for another week, time to meditate and see the other side of my journey after the surgery. I see myself glowing much brighter and awaken more than ever for that is when I move into Full Power of my journey. I ask from you to also see me after, send Compassion, high energy, DO NOT feel sorry for me, that is low and no one needs that energy. I am flying high with no fear, Spirit has more for me to do they just like to screw with me for a while, I ‘de do the same thing. will send time and date later this week as soon as they tell me. Keep Teri in your Prayers, I think she having a hard time inside, she will be fine after.

Thank you

Peace    Love    Light   Tim