God via Heart Song Meditation: Call on Me and Trust in the Power of My Love

God via Heart Song Meditation: Call on Me and Trust in the Power of My Love

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Often you hear people say how hard it is to choose the right. People lament the difficulty of overcoming their baser impulses. One thing that will help you on your spiritual journey is if you can let go of this idea. It is no more difficult to choose light than to choose ego. Ego likes to make you think it is difficult. Those who lack a personal commitment want you to think that it is difficult. But, as with so many things, the difficulty is largely an illusion.

How hard is it to come to Me and leave things in My Hands?

How hard is it to ask for My Help?

How hard is it really to trust?

You have found it difficult certainly. But much of that difficulty is of your own creation. The difficulty lies in lack of focus. The difficulty lies in that you keep choosing to listen to fear. You keep looking over your shoulder. You keep wondering if I really am who I say the I am.

I do not blame you for this. It is understandable that you are afraid, but it is not necessary. That said, you will hold onto the fear so long as part of you believes that it is necessary. I just want you to know that you create your own obstacles here. You create the difficulty.

When you hear that you wish it could be otherwise. Even that is creating more difficulty for you. It is what it is. You are where you are. You have seen as much as you have seen. You trust as much as you can trust.

Trust at least this much, Child. Trust that I love you. Trust that in time you will let go of the fear. Trust that in time you will see that there is nothing to worry about. One day you will look back and laugh at the fear, recognizing it as ridiculous. Trust that there is no rush. There is not the urgency that you imagine there to be. It’s alright that your journey takes time. Trust that you will in time find your way to Me. I do lead you. I do lift you up.

Let things be what they are. Humbly accept this moment. Do not judge this moment. You do have a choice. You have a choice to accept that everything is fine. You have a choice to accept that everything is on track. You have a choice to trust or to doubt.

I urge you to choose trust.

You will have greater peace of mind and enjoyment of life it you choose trust.

If and when you begin to feel fear I urge you to call on Me the moment that you notice. Call on Me and trust in the power of My Love. Choose to trust instead of choosing to give in to fear. Together We will re-write the old patterns of thought. Together We go forward.

I guide you forward this day. Will you take My Hand? Will you trust in My Guidance? Will you choose to believe in love? Will you choose to believe that I am real and not simply a figment of your imagination? Will you choose to go forward strong in your faith?

As you make that choice faith grows stronger and fear diminishes. Every time you make that choice We grow closer together. We, who are inseparable, grow closer. You grow closer to seeing the Truth. You grow more able to discern My Guidance and to let go of the false wisdom of your ego. You grow more in harmony with the Light of My Love.

You grow to Me. You are growing to Me. Every day you are making progress. Recognize the progress that you have made. Enjoy knowing that you have taken another step.

Don’t worry about the destination.

You will get there.

You are getting there.

Bit by bit, day by day, you are getting there.