Mounting the Spiral and Eradicating the Barriers to Self-Knowledge

Mounting the Spiral and Eradicating the Barriers to Self-Knowledge

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Hildegard 22<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”Hildegard 22″ src=”” width=”165″ height=”204″ />Carlos Castaneda wrote several books some time ago that looked at the same events from different angles. I’m tempted to say “higher and higher perspectives” but I don’t really know or remember if that was so.

But it reminded me at the time of how we return to situations again and again in the spiritual spiral which our sacred circle back to God incorporates.

And I see myself returning to one circumstance again and again from what I hope are higher vantage points each time (don’t know). That situation is the eradication of the barriers to enlightenment.

We’ve looked over the years at vasanas, the constructed self, and now the pain body (our aggregate consciousness and memories of the pain we’ve experienced in our lives).

All of those examinations are designed to identify what keeps us from the knowledge of our true selves and what eradicates those obstacles.

And predominantly what I’ve seen, which hopefully proves accurate, is that what eradicates them is becoming more and more like God.

God is awareness. God is bliss. God is wisdom. And when we become more and more like God and rest in these divine qualities, we seem to cause the knots in consciousness and the memories of pain to lift.

Whatever we turn our attention to grows. If we turn our attention to the baser pleasures, our addiction to them grows. If we turn our attention to the higher states of being, our attachment to them grows.

That’s why I’ve drawn attention to what I see as the basic spiritual movement in life: turning from the world to God.

Or, to put the same matter another way, why the masters of enlightenment invite us to discern between the Real and the unreal, detach ourselves from the unreal, and devote ourselves to the Real. Discrimination, detachment and devotion are said to be the chiefest steps we can take to approaching and realizing God.

And I watch myself spiralling around these notions and experiencing them and realizing them to deeper and deeper degrees. It’s as if we’ve set ourselves a task in life and we labor at it until we solve the dilemma at the basis of it. And the dilemma I’ve chosen is how to realize God.

The Mother moved upon the waters, the body of God, and created the firmament. The energy that she is created the elements of ether, air, water, fire, and earth.  And now she moves upon the waters and creates a baptism for us of purity and grace. Her energies are the elixir of life. Her universal, creative vibration, which we know as Aum/Amen, the Word of God, stirs all life into being, holds it for a while and then plunges it back into voidness.

And all of us are that same void cloaked in a coat of matter, mater, Mother. Hildegard of Bingen depicted our situation (shown above). (1) The purple of her image is, in my view, the Void that God is. The white sea is the Divine Mother. And inside the Mother’s world of matter, the brown sea, is suspended a purple individual, purple showing its relation to the Father. The opening at the top suggests that the individual has been introduced into the Mother, so to speak. This is the Divine Child.

This Divine Child is a “fragment,” metaphorically speaking, of the Father.  We must know this Child, Mother and Father to complete our journey of life. We are the Child and we are the Father/Mother. And knowing each of these three levels is a higher and higher state of enlightenment. When all the levels disappear and we are left as the Self/No-Self, our journey is completed.

This spiral of returning to the same situation again and again at higher and higher levels is the exquisite and often ecstactic journey that we’re on and the fast rising sea of energy in which we swim is the mechanism by which we’ll be released from the lower Third Dimension to the higher Fifth. We’ve just passed a milestone in the Mother’s recent baptism and we have more milestones to go. But I’ve noticed, for myself at least, that the journey is getting easier and easier and more and more fulfilling.


(1) Die wahre Dreiheit in der wahren Einheit. Manuscript illumination from Scivias (Know the Ways) by Hildegard of Bingen (Disibodenberg: 1151. At