What Factors Doomed the Economy?

What Factors Doomed the Economy?

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While Washington goes through the final act in a Kabuki play, pretending that the debt ceiling is the real problem for the American economy, I, though not an economist, believe the real problem goes much, much farther and is irreconcilable and irrecoverable.

Whether fast or slow, the American economy, as it’s presently constituted, cannot avoid radical reform and reconstruction. Congress leaning to this side of the train or that side of the train, even if their intent was honorable, cannot stop a train headed for disaster.

What makes it irrecoverable is the elephant on the breakfast table, the derivatives crisis, which one analyst called “Frankensderivatives,” (1) a bubble from which there is no recovery.

So in my view we’re watching the final unravelling of the old economy before the stepwise introduction of the new. And so I repost an article I wrote from an earlier date on what doomed the American economy and could take the world down with it if we weren’t already underway to introducing the new.

While I’m not an economist and should tread lightly in a discussion of economics, I’d still like to venture an opinion on what trends and events doomed modern western economies generally and made the introduction of a new economic system inevitable.

Anyone who lived through the period can remember the malevolent trends and practices that led to so many bubbles that value was sucked out of our economies.

The junk-bond era, mergers and acquisitions, the dot.com bubble, the mortgage and foreclosure scam, bank bailouts, culminating in the derivatives debacle terminally weakened the structure of this economy.

The latter event doomed it by leaving western economies with such a debt load that it equated to $200,000 for every man, woman and child on the planet, something that could never be paid off no matter what strategy was adopted. (2)

The depredations of currency traders, investment houses and economic hitmen on the economies of the developing world often saw their currencies collapse and their resources taken in payment for debt loads that had been manufactured in the first place and forced upon them by unscrupulous parties. (3)

The exploitation of the computer (the silicon chip having been salvaged from the Roswell crash of an alien spacecraft) (4) to eliminate work saw a whole generation of young people denied entry-level employment and firms which had vertical structures now reduced to horizontal structures with many employees made contract labor, benefit plans eliminated, unions busted, etc.

The shipping out of jobs to overseas low-wage countries where labor was unprotected saw much work lost to western nations and workers in the new manufacturing nations exploited and subjected to anti-labor practices by firms with foreign ownership.

The siphoning off of government funds and the entry into criminal enterprises such as sex slavery and drug importation by government agencies like the CIA and large private corporations for use in black projects such as staged “terrorist” attacks weakened the moral fiber of nations.

The CIA was running drugs through Ilopango Airport in El Salvador under Director George Bush Sr. and bringing them in through Governor Bill Clinton’s Mena Airport in Arkansas, murdering DEA agents who opposed them and their own operatives who threatened to blow the whistle. (5)

Included among the black projects the Illuminati staged out of funds so generated were the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, the London bombings, and many other smaller “terrorist” attacks, shootings, etc. (6)

Meanwhile, funds so generated were also used to bribe, coerce, or take over the mass media so that nothing of these events ever surfaced. And to suborn one Congress after another.

It therefore comes as no real surprise to hear that shiploads of gold and platinum and other forms of wealth were sunk in ships off the Asian coast to be resurrected when the time arrives when the financial elite are in total control of the world. (7) Of course that day will never come but the wealth will be put to good use – the common good, that is.

And it seems a fitting end to hear that gold bars stored in various repositories around the world have been swapped for tungsten bars coated in gold. Even the very standard of value in western economies was debased and lost.

The economies of the West, subjected to such forces, have not been able to retain robustness, initiative, or moral strength. They devolved into a force that simply preyed upon anyone vulnerable, including their own. Everyone was considered someone else’s “lunch.” There wasn’t even honor among thieves – especially not honor among thieves – and we’re now seeing the result.

So there’s no going back for the leading economies of the world. It isn’t that the new abundance program known as NESARA (after the American National Economic Security and Reformation Act) is likely to be introduced. (8) There’s no alternative to a new economy running along its lines and there never will be as long as the same financial forces who so sapped our economies remain at its helm.

It isn’t a case of how we’ll revive an economy that has been dead for some time now. We cannot revive a dead patient with economic CPR. There’s no other way forward than to introduce a new economy based upon the ethical lines that NESARA is.

I’d most like to see the ending of the discussion of how to get this show back on the road. The only road it will get back on is the short ride to the cemetery.

But there’s much room for economists and analysts to look into what the contours would be of an economy that works in a world that works for everyone. To hear about that I’m a willing – nay, an eager – listener.


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