God via Heart Song Meditation:

God via Heart Song Meditation: There is Nothing Wrong with Being Limited

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It is OK that you sometimes doubt Me.

In fact, I’m inclined to say that its a good thing.

It is good that you are skeptical and that you can be skeptical. It is good that your brain is working and doing its job. Its good that you don’t accept every thought that pops into your head as true. It’s good that you are cautious. There are spirits that will try to deceive you. Sometimes even you will try to deceive you.

Skepticism is your friend; but, skepticism is limited.

Your mortal mind is limited. Your mortal perceptions are limited. Limited is not the same as broken. There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with being limited or with having limits, no matter how much you wish to have no limits. Your intellect is limited and can make mistakes. That’s fine. It is alright.

Part of why My Children have trouble accepting their limitations is the silly idea that you are not supposed to have limitations. While you are experiencing mortality limitations is part of that experience. I love you regardless of limitations. I love you limitations and all. With or without limitations you are still My Child.

It’s alright that you don’t see and understand everything. It’s also alright that you want to. That yearning is natural. That yearning is good. It keeps pulling you forward to new learning, new growth and helps lift you to new heights.

Yes, your skepticism sometimes interferes with your ability to hear Me. I know that bothers you, but it’s not all that big a deal. Sometimes clouds get in the way of the sun. The sun still shines on you. Sometimes your thoughts get in the way of your perception of Me and of My Love; but, those thoughts always pass eventually.

Sometimes storms are brief and sometimes storms last for days. But storms always pass and then you can stand in the bright sunshine again and bask in the Light.

Accept the storms. Accept even those moments when you lose sight of Me. Love every moment. The stormy days help you to appreciate the sunny days, do they not? They bring you back to remembering that My Words and My Love are precious and help you not to take Me for granted. Even they are a blessing in their fashion. Even those thoughts which bring you pain have their value if you choose to see it. Even those thoughts which you find so distressing have their place.

In time doubt will pass; but, let it pass in time.

There is no need to rush.

We have forever, Child. I know you don’t always believe that, but it’s true. We have forever. There is no rush. You don’t need to reach the greatest heights tomorrow. You don’t need to do it all at once. It doesn’t really matter all that much if there are things that it takes you lifetimes to learn. It’s all alright.

We have Eternity. You have Eternity to spend with Me. You have Eternity to be with Me in love. You have an Eternity of love ahead of you. It is yours. I have already given it to you. Eternity is yours to see and experience and love.

Feel it in your heart. Feel the Truth that I speak. Eternity is yours. Eternity is Ours. Your mortal life may end, but you will not. Your soul endures. My Love endures. We go on and on forever. Our One Love blazes across the cosmos shining bright forever and ever.

Ego passes away but love endures and you are love.