Indicators of Progress – Part 2

Indicators of Progress – Part 2

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Happy 33<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”Happy 33″ src=”” width=”284″ height=”177″ />(Continued from Part 1)

Keep in mind that forty or fifty years ago, when something like that happened, we’d be off to our psychotherapist and talking about it for three weeks. Thirty years ago we’d be shouting our heads off in an encounter group and going through an incredible amount of  drama. Ten years ago it would take months of self-processing and now it takes three hours.

That’s another small sign of progress.

I know that the galactics and celestials hear and follow what we say. We had an instance of that last week through a communication with Sanat – through a different channel than Linda, by the way. It showed not only that they were listening to us but that they would intervene if they felt they needed to.

On this particular day, I was being playful with a male colleague and relating a slightly-off-color joke (OK, way-off-color joke) that related to the galactics and, because of the incident with Sanat, I knew that they heard me.

But I noticed that I did not mind these days being playful with them and that in itself was a sign of progress. It was as if I felt released from some constraint I had placed on myself. But the release from constraints is happening much more quickly these days.

Here’s another indicator.

You can see that the galactics and celestials know what we’re thinking. A good illustration of that is the way Archangel Michael answers questions on my paper before I ask them on An Hour with an Angel. I try to point that out to you each time it happens because it is evidentiary.

I hear someone saying, “Well, Linda knows what you’re going to ask.” No, she doesn’t. I never show Linda my question paper and I don’t think she reads the show promo. But even if she did, my questions frequently change before the show occurs.

Or the galactics or celestials make remarks on the show that demonstrate that they know me inside and out. Archangel Michael will drop a comment that he knows my spiritual practice is inclined this way (or not inclined that way) or he’ll recall an incident in my life from a year ago that I’ve never discussed with him.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but these situations make me aware that they are always near us, in a multilocational way.

My willingness to make a slightly (OK, OK, pretty) lewd comment knowing the Company of Heaven is listening in is again another indication of progress. (Hey, they have excellent senses of humor. I joke with AAM all the time in my readings.)

I’m sure you hear that I feel completely comfortable speaking to an archangel. That is also a sign of progress, although you’d have to be me, probably, to appreciate it.

The more usual signs are increasing happiness, love, joy, bliss. Those I see most readily. But these others are like blips on the radar screen that show the presence of something unmistakeably.

There’s much in the future that I won’t be able to talk about that we’re being made aware of and that is exciting.  You remember that President Obama promised transparent government but could not come anywhere near to keeping that promise.

By the same token here, I love and value transparency but there are all kinds of reasons why the degree of transparency I’d like cannot be practiced. But what lies ahead is nonetheless exciting and I’m impatient to be underway.

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