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There will be times when you will doubt yourself. You will feel different. You won’t fit in. Your thoughts are different. You will have experiences that you cannot explain. Things will happen, and it doesn’t make sense. There is no explanation. Trust is key. Learning to trust yourself. Trusting what comes to you. Trusting your power and what you feel.

Your frequency is different; you are tuned into a higher frequency and vibration that most humans can’t even perceive of. You were born with this. You are here to be different. Don’t change yourself. You are here to lead the way. To be a wayshower for the new age. To change the system with your thoughts, vibration and energy. We are peaceful warriors of the light. We are the first. The “system busters”. We have done it before, and we will do it again. It is what we do. And trust me, we do have great fun doing this. We are powerful, and we know it. You have always known this. We were born fearless. But we are empathic, many of us telepathic as well. When we grow up around humans or in places with fear, we take on this fear because we are empathic. Some of us have past life fear that may need to be processed too. But truly, we have no fear. We are fearless, adventurous souls who love to change things up and explore new places and worlds. You know this. You can feel this. We do not conform. We go our own ways. We follow our own truth.

Just by being who you are, just by being present on earth, you are already changing things, starseed. Be proud of who you are.

Starseeds, I love you. We are one. Everything is one. Let us stand united in love, peace, truth, and victory, and show this planet what it’s all about.

Love and blessings, We are ONE

-Catherine Victoria

Spiritual Connectedness