A Renaissance of Personal Growth

A Renaissance of Personal Growth

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ren1<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”ren1″ src=”https://d3ojdig7p1k9j.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/ren1.jpg” width=”265″ height=”230″ />Most of us know how the cabal sought to dumb us down through food additives, implants, nanotechnology, fluoride, chemtrails, electromagnetic pulses, media censorship, trivializing entertainment, impoverishment, denial of health care, manmade diseases, toxic vaccines, and so on.

Now we need to counter the impact of so much mind-numbing and soul-starving with initiatives of our own that will raise our consciousness, expand our hearts, and create a renaissance of consciousness on Planet Earth.

I’m amazed at how many people have written in and expressed their yearning to be at work.

In my view, we need to raise our levels of intimacy, sharing and truth-telling. We need to prepare for Ascension, do the groundwork, and limber ourselves up. We need to come together to leverage our work as wealth stewards, wayshowers and pattern-setters.

And people are doing that. Robert in Australia is planning an intentional community. Several people are planning rest and recuperation centers for lightworkers in places like the Ozarks and Vermont. Wes Annac is looking at a gathering of lightworker wayshowers.  I’m planning a growth center in Vancouver. Many people are planning foundations. And I’m sure many more projects are being discussed.

I’ll be creating a “Page” where people’s plans can be recorded. The button for it will reside in the site banner (at the top of the page).

As we explode in creative innovation, aided by the Reval, I’d like to recommend that each of us concentrate, not on seeing what we’re doing spread around the world, but in solidly planning, designing and building our local initiatives so that they can serve as models for similar ventures in other places. The difference is between looking extensively and building intensively.  If we build one center that really works, others will build on our model.

We can only do what we can do. Our energy, until much later in our Ascension climb, can be limited, our time limited, etc. How much better it seems to concentrate on building one thing on a good, solid  foundation, sound principles and the new and innovative paradigms we’re being introduced to than on prematurely trying to induce movement around the world.

The Reval is only the first initiative of the Company of Heaven. After that comes the prosperity programs, then the impact of the “trading platforms” (historic bonds), the various programs planned since the Middle Ages like the St. Germaine World Trust, the release of sequestered Illuminati wealth, and then perhaps NESARA.

But it’s up to us to make good use of our currency and other earnings and windfalls.

Now is the time we came here for. Here is the place, wherever you are. As the many movements of earlier years advised us, think globally; act locally. And pull out all the stops.

Dream big, as Archangel Michael said, but act with prudence and wisdom.  We’re midwifing a rebirth of society on Planet Earth. We’re building a world that works for everyone, not just for the few. How much more exciting can it get?