The Mother’s Clear Blue Energy

The Mother’s Clear Blue Energy

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clear blue<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”clear blue” src=”×94.jpg” width=”283″ height=”147″ />Tonight at 9:00 pm, wherever you are, the Mother asks us to continue sending her Clear Blue Topaz Energy out to the planet and especially to the “trouble spots” – Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Washington and so on. She requests we do this all week at the same time each night.

Linda Dillon in her newsletter, October 19, said:

“Remember, you bring the incredible blue topaz energy of clarity into your heart first, anchor, then send it out. End by re-anchoring in your heart and giving thanks.

“Rarely does the Universal Mother make direct requests and give us assignments. But She has! This is a sign of our Ascension and readiness to be in full partnership with the Council [of Love] and the Company of Heaven. Let’s anchor peace on Earth together.”

And on Heavenly Blessings, Oct. 8, Linda explained a little more:

“We receive the energy, this beautiful clear crystal, clear blue energy. We bring it into not just our hearts, but it starts with our hearts. And then it just permeates our whole field.

“Once you feel you’ve anchored it, the sensation is then you’re taking it – and with me I literally had myself doing a whoosh energy out with my palms facing outwards to the world as if I’m sending energy and I’m sending it to everybody on the planet.

“Because can you imagine if everybody on the planet started to have this clarity, hunger would disappear, war would disappear, spousal abuse would disappear, child abuse would disappear, those feelings of unworthiness would disappear? Because in the clarity of who we are and who the Mother is in our realm, there would be no room for it.” (1)

On An Hour With An Angel last week, the Mother said we have heeded her call and that we have gained the quality of clarity, of truth of the higher dimensions and the higher realms:

“But that does not mean you put it away. Quite the contrary. You begin to work with it, and play with it, and expand it and grow it each and every day. Because the clarity is what is allowing you, promoting you, pushing you into the creation of Nova Earth.

“What is the outcome? The outcome, my beloved sweet ones, is your capacity to love more, to love more fully, to be love more fully, to engage in love more fully, to be the fullness and the embodiment, in form, of love. It is the perfection of your being.

“When there is clarity, there is love. Your hearts have expanded and opened more fully, first and foremost, to yourself, to the acceptance and recognition, acknowledgment, and action of your divinity, your reflection of us. And in that is your expanded capacity to engage with others, with all elements, with all kingdoms, with all species, including your star brothers and sisters, and with each other.

“With clarity comes the knowing of peace, the elimination of chaos and confusion and turmoil, because there is the realization not only that it is an illusion but that it is a choice. And it is a choice that none of you, truly, wish to make. It is so simple and so straightforward. But what happens when you eliminate that confusion, the distraction? It gives you, in your realm of time and space and physicality, a greater knowing and a greater experience of love — with us, in our sacred partnership, and with each other.

“So, what comes next? I am asking you — and yes, you are going to get used to this, because I am asking you various things; I am giving you assignments — I am asking for your partnership and your help. I am asking you to step forward in the truth of who you are.”

“The next step is to practice, to play, to engage and to be, greater love. Allow it to well up within you right now, with me, and feel the love that we have for each of you and the sanctity of your being. And allow that to overflow — to your family, to your friends, to your soul family, to your community. This is what is changing your world, and it will change the material reality of where you exist.” (2)