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Hello Everyone…
If you read to the very end you’ll discover something special I’ve embedded into this newsletter. Good hunting ; )
Time seems to have taken another speed change… It seems like only a day ago I sent out the last newsletter, yet it has been (maybe) 6 weeks? Haha, I never have been very good with time.
I have a few items to relate, and I am certain you will find very interesting. Below you’ll find information about Class 4 (which is going to be extraordinary), a few new details about the video Kathy and I shot last year in Peru (yes, some new exciting things in development), and other tidbits worth mentioning…
First off; Class 4 from the Gateway Series is postponed until (Friday) March 14th. Last week our friend and landlady – Paula Taylor –  died after a lengthy illness.
Paula Taylor (to your left) was dear to us, and an amazing woman who always showed how forgiveness, kindness and warmth can alter the world around her. Paula was one of the original hippies who settled Jerome in the 70’s. At that time Jerome was an abandoned ghost town. I’ve heard about the parties, music, and culture that was here. It must have been incredible.
It’s because of her memorial we decided to postpone the class since we couldn’t miss the event. I’m glad we stayed. The entire town turned out. There were spoken memorials about Paula from several who traveled half way around the world to be here. Music provided by a man and woman duo was incredible. Afterwards, a pot-lock with a local rock band played into the evening. There was beer, wine, food and a lot of laughs as the evening continued. It was a memorable occasion.
There are several reasons why the video has taken what seems like an unusual amount of time. Usually we have things done within a couple of months and are ready to begin the next documentary shoot by now. The greatest issue was Kathy not being well for several months. She’s well beyond her troubles now, and we have had many discussions on what we wanted to do with the footage. It was clear we wanted to do something beyond what we had done, but were unsure exactly what it would be. We now have a pretty clear idea.
Since we first started each of our episodes were formatted to bring you the salient details of where we went, what we saw, and back it up with what we had filmed. These were usually to the point, short and informative. We felt this could be done in more of a storytelling manner. However, time constraints and the desire to “just get it out there” were our self-conceived limitations. The last several months we’ve taken the time to talk with quite a few friends about what we experienced, the thrill of this huge adventure, the amazing discoveries made, and all this footage we filmed. Many… well, everyone… suggested it should be a movie instead of our regular presentation. We’ve taken that to heart.
We are getting ready to begin shooting this additional footage within the next few weeks at The Flatiron Cafe here in Jerome (great coffee!!!). We have a lot to think about concerning lighting equipment and techniques. We have the numerous cameras needed, but not the lighting… This will likely require equipment additions. For this to be what we envision requires serious planning. We always shoot on the run, which is MUCH different than what we will do with the additional footage needed.
I’ll provide additional details as we wade deeper into this. As you likely know, making a movie is seriously different than what we have been doing. Kathy and I look forward to the new challenges, and rewards had, from successfully navigating these elements.
For you who supported the Tocache Expedition please understand your contributions will be toward a much larger project than we originally planned for. Your names will be added to the credits as promised. Thanks once again for your support ; )
CLASS 4: Into The Mystic
This class will be talked about for years to come. During this class you become familiar with the tools used by Ghost Hunters and paranormal researchers worldwide. EVP recorders, static and electromagnetic field detectors, and dowsing rods are elements of the tool kit you learn how to use.
Aside from the technical aspect you also employ techniques learned from previous classes. Did you know projecting energy toward a “ghost” helps them manifest? This is not a well known or discussed aspect of ghost hunting. Why? Because of the fear involved with bringing ectoplasm into play when attempting spiritual communication. It is a largely forgotten aspect of spiritual mediumship, and feared by many who know about it.
Though it might sound like a fringe science experiment I can attest the value in using a technique of this sort. During the early years of spiritualism mediums would attempt energy projection toward “spirits” to assist their manifestation. A few were quite good at it. One remarkable man who was exceptional was a friend of mine many years ago, Dr. Richard Ireland. Not only was it possible, it was startling to those in the seance. I’ll tell more about those events during class… and yes, it will be included on the video.
This class is once again at Storm Wisdom in north Phoenix. Class begins at 7:30pm and should concluded around 10:30pm, or so. The thing is, this is only a class where you learn how to use the equipment. Once you know what you’re doing it seems like a good idea to go on a ghost hunt, don’t you think?
 Class 4: Into the Mystic
March 14th @ 7:15pm
$50 cash at the door
($55 with CC)
View/ Download Flier:  > Link <
Preregister for Class 4 at  > This Link <
There’s more… A Ghost Hunt!
– This event is open to any who wish to attend –
The following day (Saturday March 15th) we meet at a remote ghost town 22 miles west of Wickenburg, Az – The Robson Ranch. This ghost town is well away from civilization and about 90 minutes from Phoenix. Try to arrive by 3pm.
We have the ranch entirely to ourselves
Important – Please read
If you intend to join us we need to know about it ahead of time. It’s OK if you decide at the last minute — Just email us   We will check our messages often
Please, plan ahead – let us know before you arrive.
This will make it easier for everyone : )
Woody and Leona, our friends managing the ranch, have had their own unique encounters with the ghostly residents there. I’m sure Woody will tell us while sitting around the fire pit.
To add to this adventure we might have a few ghost hunting friends joining us, and our buddy Jamie Clark, a world class psychic medium whose speciality is communicating with the spirit world. More on this as it develops…
As mentioned, plan to arrive by 3pm. Once everyone has arrived we’ve planed a walk through the ghost town to become familiar with this site. Afterward, the outdoor fire pit and grill will be ready to cook up whatever we brought – This means you are responsible to bring hotdogs, burgers, or whatever you would like to eat. Don’t forget the drinks… We will not provide any food since everyone has their own likes and dislikes haha… Of course, we all like dessert : )  If I have an idea of how many are attending I might pick up something yummie!
Water will be available for a small fee.
Later (after dark) the ghost hunt begins. We plan to continue for several hours. Additionally, there have been several UFO sightings nearby since the 1800’s. It will be quite an exciting evening!
Camping is available for those interested to pitch a tent, and RV parking is available. For folks not up to a camping experience Burro Jim’s Motel (928-575-6581) is in nearby Aguila (map link). There are also numerous hotels in Wickenburg. Of course it isn’t too far to drive home either, if you’re driving from the greater Phoenix area.
Kathy and I have decided to set up The Xpeditions RV (The Prairie Schooner) on site. We will be there when you arrive.
For those who attend “On Location: Into the Mystic” the cost is $35 per person/ $50pp for any who did not attend class but want to join us. If this is you please let us know (email is fine) you intend to come.
If you want to be part of the cook-out you need to bring whatever you like to eat/ drink. These items are not included. We’ll provide the fire, haha : ) and maybe dessert…
For the rest of you worldwide, check the MAP LINK above for the GPS coordinates.
If you took the class you will know how to use the equipment. You also know the techniques to focus energy toward manifestation. If you did not take the class you should bring your own equipment (EVP recorder, field sensors, etc). I will take time to personally guide you through a few steps in focusing and sensing energy.
Watch Class 3: Projections > < Reflections
The next in The Gateway Series is now available; 24 hour rental is available for $4.95, or you can purchase it as a download for $11.99. The DVD for Class 3 is also available for $25 (plus $5.00 S/H).
To Rent or DownloadClasses
Class 1 follow this >link<
Class 2 follow this >link<
Class 3 follow this >link<


Class 1,2 and 3 DVD’s are available
Order your DVD’s from this page
• To order by check or money order • Send $30 to the address below Jerry Wills
989 S. Main Street A-144
Cottonwood, Az
Checks/ money orders should be made payable to “Jerry or Kathy Wills”
The Stargate Lecture Series sponsored by Arcos Cielos
Jerry Wills and The Mechanics of Consciousness
March 20th 7pm ~ 9pm
Another event I’m offering takes place in Sedona on Thursday, March 20th. If you’re in the area, or simply need a good excuse to visit Sedona, I suggest you drop by for this evening event. This will be a great time where I’ll discuss how merging the realms of physical and spiritual are made to occur. I will also offer a healing service during this event. Who knows, it might be the best time you’ve had in awhile! I look forward to seeing you there…
Here is the flier for this event
All the details are on the flier
The book, as a real physical book, is now available ; )
I like books better, don’t you? I know, it’s a lot easier to carry around your tablet. But still, when it comes right down to it I really enjoy the feel of a book in my hands. Besides, consider this… If the ancient advanced civilizations had eventually only stored all their documents as we do today it isn’t any surprise we can’t find any record of their advanced status. It was all stored on chips!
See!!! A book is better, haha… Order several today!
Healer: The Jerry Wills Story
Physical and Kindle Versions
Now Available at this >link<
Also available
Well, I think that’s all for now folks. I’m sure (as usual) I’ve neglected to mention something. That always seems to happen, haha.
Kathy and I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you at one of our events, or somewhere along the journey.
Best Wishes Always
Jerry and Kathy Wills
Click the picture at the top of the page for the embedded item…
Enjoy yourself as we sail into the mystic : )
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