Journey of Enlightenment Foundation


Thanks for being part of the wave of Lightworkers who are helping to shift the paradigm. I am greatful to be able to share this wisdom with you from my partners in Spirit.

Blessings,  Penny

Note:  All channeled message are displayed in italics.

Converging Paths

The earthly path is at times steep and at others level. It is usually your attitude that adjusts the tilt. If you insist on being master of all you survey, you can pretty much be assured that the universe will comply and bring to you the many things you need to master to accomplish this feat. If you instead withdraw from the struggle and sit this one out, the lessons will be there waiting for you when you return. There must be an easier path.

When your journey involves camaraderie with others who have similar intentions, the path levels out and becomes a walk together in partnership and presence. Two eyes are indeed better than one and if we are able to share our perceptions with others the process is magnified tenfold.

The dance with soulmates is especially rich when one can move gently beside the other, holding hands and hearts in mutual appreciation. If you do not have this in your life, perhaps this is the form you might be looking to fill.

Journeys in solitary can be quite enriching when one is comfortable and appreciative of oneself. It is hard to step above the illusions of the third=dimensional world unless one is able to step beyond one’s own smokescreens of existence. If you believe in the limiting view of yourself, how could you expect to find others that reflect anything but this limited perspective. On the other hand, if believe yourself to be whole, complete and capable, the law of attraction seems to dictate that those in your sphere of influence will possess many of these qualities as well. It seems self-evident that if you wish to attract people of a certain quality in your life that you must first become that yourself.

What if you believe yourself to be whole and perfect and worthy of love? If you open your door and emerge, spreading this energy to all that you meet, you will undoubtedly attract to you those who have heard this call as well. As like attracts like, it behooves you to be more of what you value and aspire to as will others who come your way.

This is a cosmic dance of some proportions that is taking place in your world. It is not just a paring up of intimate partners but the reconnection of soul groups with many shared experiences. Those you draw into your social environment are all those who are straggling in to complete the lessons we agreed on to share in this lifetime. There are many who are finding themselves mopping up old dramas and illusionary paths in preparation for the shift. Do not believe that all is lost if you have not found your ultimate partner. There are many who are cleaning up their act because they know the time is getting near and you are waiting at the station. Patience and discernment are what is called for in this time of turmoil. It will soon be too obvious for most to ignore as people shift into a new paradigm of compassion and loving awareness. You can be ahead of the curve if you shift your intention now and enjoy the path of gentle awareness. One foot in front of the other…


 Mary Magdalene Celebration Sedona

  Saturday, July 26, 2014       8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


 An interfaith celebration of Women and Men inspired by the life of

 Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostle

 Creative Life Center, Sedona, AZ

You are invited to join us in a celebration and honoring of the divine feminine aspects in each of us. We will use the example of Mary Magdalene as an archetype of what this means as demonstrated in the life we live. The more we learn about this enigmatic “Apostle to the Apostles”, the more we see similarities in our own experience and how we are able to uncover and allow the flowering of these gifts long suppressed. What are the qualities of the feminine and how do these dance in partnership with the masculine in the new paradigm we are creating? We have invited many women and men who embody these energies to share their insights and help light the way. This is a time to come together, share our wisdom and lovingly connect as one with many different faces in resonance with our divine blueprint. We invite you to come sing, dance, and celebrate with us…