The Xpeditions Newsletter: Show Update

The Xpeditions Newsletter: Show Update
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Hello Everyone…
Kathy and I are excited to announce Dr. Gino Tutera as our next guest on The Jerry Wills Show. You have heard me mention Dr. Tutera often the last several years. I tend to do this at every lecture I give and during every class I teach. You see, I attribute him with saving Kathy’s life. Because of his caring and knowledge he singlehandly is responsible for Kathy’s health returning to normal. It would not have happened if not for him.
During this show we will cover details on how you or a loved one might find your life improved through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (available at SottoPelle) something Dr. Tutera pioneered.
I already have questions, and I’m sure you will too! Phone lines and Skype will be available after the first hour.
Seriously folks, I know you are concerned about your health. You should not miss this golden opportunity to learn all you can about this subject. It changes lives in amazing and wonderful ways. Tune in tonight and find out for yourselves.
• Tune in Monday night June 30th at 7pm pacific ~ 10pm eastern •
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Best Wishes
Jerry and Kathy Wills
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