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The Xpeditions Newsletter: Show Update for  11/ 14/ 14
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Hello Everyone…
The week just seems to have flown past me! I intended to have a comprehensive newsletter out this week… Well, maybe next week, haha : )  Anyway, I have our next show to announce. It’s going to be a good one. A special thanks to Victoria for her latest communication ; )  It was greatly appreciated, Victoria!
I also have details about a new feature available NOW at Channel U, and an introduction to a band called Terranomaly! First, the show…
FRIDAY’S SHOW (Nov 14th)
Our next broadcast is sponsored by The Flatiron Cafe in Jerome, Arizona! Our guest is Walter Bosley, author of a new series of nonfiction books called Empire of the Wheel, and the just released Secret Missions. These are available on Amazon, and I suggest you take a look. From what I have read these books are spellbinding!
From Empire of the Wheel
Seven questionable and long forgotten deaths in historical San Bernardino, California, offer clues to a shocking possibility that occult serial murder went undetected as such for nearly a century. Through an esoteric based analysis of the odd facts and unanswered questions of the case, in order to determine a possible pattern in the mind of a killer, there is revealed an unexpected yet specific connection between all the known attacks by the legendary Zodiac Killer a half century later presented for the first time here. With figures like Aleister Crowley and Harry Houdini moving about the periphery and through the middle of the mystery, nothing may have been what it seems, and someone appears to have wanted it that way…
From Secret Missions
Hidden within the unanswered questions and missing details in the life of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo is a mystery that is potentially astounding in its implications. Who was Cabrillo? What exactly was his expedition to explore California really about? What is the truth about his reported death? The answers may link the Spanish conquistador to a legendary relic and the Knights Templar — and change your perception of early American history along the way.
Kathy and I are excited to have Walter on and already know you will find this one quite an interesting show! Don’t miss it…
But, if you do miss this show it will be available for 24 hours at, then afterward as an archive within the Xpeditions TV Members Area.
Not a member yet? You should join now! There are many explosive details in our archive section. Plus, you will have access to everything offered from Xpeditions TV – HD documentary videos you can (as a member) download to you personal library, a chatroom, forums, and exclusive members area benefits!
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To listen to this live broadcast visit The Jerry Wills Show
The show begins at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern
Calls are taken the second hour via Skype
We’re always on the lookout for new folks who are interested to add their show or archives to our line-up! We are currently negotiating with several shows to bring them on. Here are details for where we currently are.
The Christy Wills Show
What you might not know is that we now have archives from my daughters show (The Christy Wills Show) running every Friday night at 5pm. Christy and her husband Everett are currently making a huge move to the west coast. Her show is not being broadcast right now. But never fear… Once they are settled in The Christy Wills Show will once again go LIVE! We can’t wait to hear her back on the interspace waves ; )
The Vinny Eastwood Show
Broadcasting from Aukland New Zealand, Vinny is a voice to be heard, and does he have a lot to say! Recently his YouTube channel was taken down because he brought corrupt business and politicians to light. We like that! Vinny’s YouTube channel is back up and running again after thousands supported a write in campaign. Vinny has been broadcasting for over a decade. His guests are sometimes serious, sometimes funny. As for Vinny, he doesn’t take himself seriously… You’re really going to enjoy archives from The Vinny Eastwood Show.
We have a new section at Channel U; Movies! Each month we plan to add a new movie, replacing the one there.
Until Nov 21st you can rent “Bought: The hidden story behind vaccines, big pharma, and your food”. It’s a great first run movie, and easily rented!
Your rental helps support Channel U and The Jerry Wills Show. That’s quite a nice bargain, isn’t it!
Channel U is evolving + Keep Watching
One last item: Terranomaly
Did you happen to notice the “secret message” mentioned under the image at the top of this page? Actually it is an embedded link that takes you to YouTube. The video is from a new band called Terranomaly.
You remember those guys, right? Kevin Smith was part of the explosive force behind this band. Well, they are continuing on. Their album Wake Up was just released. It is a blockbuster!
More importantly, read the lyrics. There are certainly messages in there many of you will want to hear, and share with others. This is (to us) as big as the release of the new Pink Floyd album Endless River.
Go take a look at their latest videos:  There are also links where you can purchase this album for yourself! And when you get it… Turn it up very loud : )  Yes, it’s that good!
I have more to tell you about Terranomaly… maybe next newsletter. Get familiar with the song New American Anthem. It will blow your mind ; ) Just wait until you hear what I have to tell you about this song and the upcoming music video.
 That’s all for now folks… I plan to provide a special broadcast soon about the recent trip to Norway and Athens. I’m thinking maybe a groovy video presentation/ broadcast is in order. Let’s see what we can do about that. I’ll let you know soon.
Thanks for being out there… I hope you call in ; )  Kathy says to tell you “Hi!”
Best Wishes
Jerry and Kathy Wills

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