Mexico, Sign of the Times


Mexico, Sign of the Times

Today is Revolution Day in Mexico. Just recently according to the press and the locals 43 students were killed on the way to a protest. There were six others including the bus driver with a total of 49. They were on their way to protest a party and speech by the governor’s wife who decided to have them what seems to be permanently removed. She tried to escape the country but was apprehended. Today people are coming out all over Mexico in demonstrations. Mexico City may have as many as a million people which in a grand understatement are not happy campers. This could turn into an Arab spring in Mexico. It seems events like these are transpiring all over the world. People are finished with the corruption and tyranny. It is part of the awakening and healing process. Iceland lead the way as a solution to the problem which always boils down to the banksters, installed puppets and behind the scenes manipulation having nothing to do with the will of the people.

I believe Revolution Day will come to America after it has its own Arab spring. It will take a trigger point like in Mexico that will generate a mass uprising. The door is always open to peaceful solutions, many of which are already in place and well underway. You will not hear about them in the mainstream corporate owned media. It will come through alternative media. Statistics have proven people have lost faith in the main stream media and are fast awakening to the propaganda machine it has become. The transformation cannot come without a transformation in consciousness and the will of the people demonstrated in mass.

We are fast approaching critical mass, what some call the hundred monkey effect. Resistance is futile. We either flow with and align ourselves with the new energies which are exponentially rising or take the downward spiral. Everything is being accelerated. Action/Reaction, karma as well as the positive attitudes, emotions, and deeds. It is time to choose wisdom over cleverness. You cannot outsmart your soul and spirit. Right thought and right action will be necessary in the days to come. Universal Law is coming to humanity and the Earth. We cannot hide from our selves, our karma or outwit the Source.