Life on the Run

Life on the Run

Most of you know I have been traveling. There have been multiple reasons for this travel. One is due to much needed dentistry with a molar being removed and two crowns, the other is due to health challenges where I could not get the help I needed in the states. I experienced some incredible healing technologies some of which are very basic others banned in the US. The Papimi machine was one device which puts out a massive electromagnetic pulse zapping any unwanted little creatures that have been raining down on us in the chemtrails. We will be discussing these new technologies on the next As You Wish Talk Radio show, 8PM PST. The chemtrails have been causing all kinds of problems from skin rashes, liver and kidney overload, and in extreme cases death. Whether or not they exist is not an argument, what is in them is also not an argument, the toxic effects again have no argument. Who and why they are doing it is debatable, yet the effects are not. It is called genocide not just with humans but with nature herself. The aluminum oxide blocks the uptake of water and nutrients in plants and trees which is one reason our forests are in such dire straights. It is also the reason most of your gardens did not yield anything normal. The water is also being poisoned killing the insect larva a necessary food source for fish. This short sighted slide of hand program has many duped into believing it is for our own good. In case you have not noticed global warming is a myth the overall temperatures are down. So why are they still spraying?

One of the purposes of my travels is to gather new technologies that work both in the healing world and free energy. I have been very successful in both counts. At this point in time due to the nature of the present guberment it is highly unlikely these new technologies will come out in the US. There are many countries such as Mexico, China, Brazil, Russia and a few others that support these technologies. Without a complete overhaul of the present US guberment clean, free energy and the cures for most diseases will continue to be vehemently opposed. In some cases as in the past with deadly force. This has been the case in my own experience. I wear many hats some people are not aware of and some of these hats are worn behind the scenes and have severe consequences. This is one of the reasons I went to Mexico to deal with the consequences.

There are times I wish I could just settle down and live a peaceful life yet there is still far to much work to do. I do however feel that time is close. Things are rapidly changing. Eventually we will be living under universal law. Universal Peace, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All, Brother/Sisterly Love are all coming forward. These principles are being pressed down on high and eventually will take root. Heaven is coming to Earth. I wish I could tell you everything yet it is to early. I will say everything is in place and unfolding towards these goals. It is time to ride the wave, release the past, open your hearts once again and act with impeccable integrity. All are equally important and we need all of you to make this happen. Be well,

James Gilliland