Fracking MADNESS — Texas moves to STOP citizens from banning fracking

4/18/2015 — Fracking MADNESS — Texas moves to STOP citizens from banning fracking (Rated R)

Published on Apr 18, 2015

RATED R for adult language. 🙂 A few eff bombs to drive home my points might not be suitable for younger ears ..

I firmly believe (and I think the facts clearly show) that the oil + gas companies are NOT to blame for the overall earthquake activity. The craton pressure which is GIVING WAY at the operations is 100% natural.. but coming from a different direction than “expected”.

The pressure change over the past few years is nothing that ANYONE (including myself) could have forseen. All of modern (and recent past accepted) Geology is going to need to address this new tectonic movement talking place on a GLOBAL level.

No oil company, or gas company could have known that the entire plate could be moved INCHES in a year (which happened in 2011), or that pressure would begin transferring from the West coast .. causing magma chambers to rise along the West coast (producing earthquakes at dormant volcanoes).. and then the pressure further transferring to the next “weak” points along the craton edge, which unfortunately are the fracking operations.

The GOOD news is that this unintended pressure release which is occurring in the Southwest is taking AWAY the pressure that would normally be placed upon the New Madrid. So there is a silver iodide lining to this very dark fracking earthquake cloud.

The fracking operations are now “saving” the central upper midwest from a catastrophic earthquake! The thousands of earthquakes happening at the frack wells of Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Colorado would have instead built up along the New Madrid until a very large earthquake occurred, there WOULD HAVE BEEN a natural pressure release at the weak point along the edge of the craton in South Missouri.

Instead, we now see the South , and Southwest taking the brunt of the new pressure direction, and it is showing up at the fracking operations due to their hydraulic pressure from above.

It logically makes sense that IF the fracking operators were to just reduce their overall injection amounts, that the overall earthquake activity will subside and transfer along to Missouri and the East coast of the US.

This means MORE earthquakes and bigger earthquakes for the New Madrid and along the Eastern seaboard, but less earthquakes in Texas, and Oklahoma.

THERE IS NO ESCAPING THE PRESSURE COMING FROM THE NORTHWEST.. it is only a matter of where do we want to see that pressure released. Its a tradeoff. But the people deserve to know the problem, and have a say in the process , and thus I complain now.


Texas legislators making move to OUTLAW citizens from being able to ban fracking in their own towns. BANNING BANS!

This is a case of:

“Please sign this petition to stop petition signing” ! DERRRRRP!

“Let’s pass this law to outlaw laws!”

Full website post with all the information shown in the video is here:…


I will provide just one link to prove fracking earthquakes are a real problem, growing in size and frequency..

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