The Seven Chakras for Healing

Each of us can be Intuitive. This is true, regardless of our personality, culture, or religious background. Your Intuitions are guiding you to your intended, Spiritual direction. They are an authentic part of our mental toolkit that predates civilization.

We simply have to discover how Intuition works to expand our ability, and if you’re like most of us, you’ve already sensed and acted on an Intuition, at some point in your life.”


“While I’m a newcomer, personally, to the use of essential oils, I’m now all in!  Without a doubt Essential oils work.


Plants growing naturally in various areas around the world have unique aromas and plant oils have been used in many civilizations for a variety of purposes for centuries. This practice, which is also known as aromatherapy has spiritual, cultural and medical benefits.  The fact is that aromatherapy is once again emerging as a realistic and effective therapeutic option because new scientific evidence is available to support its effects.”


Why I love Essential Oil