It has been a long time since the last news letter mainly due to time restraints and an overwhelming workload. Hopefully we can catch up on the latest including a lot of high strangeness. We have an over 34,000 acre fire blazing on the south and east side of Mt Adams. The smoke is overwhelming at times going back and forth from blue skies to gray and smokey. I just washed off three states of smoke from the van as I returned from the Shasta conference. From Washington State to California down the I5 corridor the air was filled with smoke from multiple fires. It is my theory this is all planned, the drought, the fires all a byproduct of geoengineering. Not only were the skies filled with smoke there were intense chemtrails overhead with HAARP signature. The aluminum from the chemtrails and other heavy metals make the fires burn much hotter. It fits perfect into Agenda 21 driving the people out of the country back into the cities as well as creating massive food shortages in their depopulation program. This is not conspiracy theory it is conspiracy fact.

The Shasta conference put on by Rob Potter was a very heart centered event. Omnec Omnec was a wonderful speaker as well as Tolec who were my favorites. Both are brilliant lights. There were many other speakers yet due to other demands I missed their presentations. The journey to the retreat to do my presentation was met with extreme high strangeness. If I did not have witnesses I would not even mention what happened. We drove our usual route to a place I have been to several times. It is a very simple route yet on three different occasions the land scape changed on the very same road to Castle Lake we had taken earlier. The retreat center, well marked with signs was no where to be found. We drove back to the beginning, got on the same road yet on all three occasions everything looked different. We were late for my presentation and finally I said enough. I am going to collapse time, call on the higher dimensional beings to end this nonsense. Right after I said that the clock on my cell phone which the GPS went wonkers started going backwards. It went from 9:47 to 9:30 giving us ample time to make the presentation. Our computers and electronic equipment were also being hacked and acting strange. The tall Greys who were responsible for the holographic shenanigans were removed and the road reverted back to the road I knew. None the less we made it on time. I know this is a bit Wu Wu for most people to understand but in my world it is not uncommon.

We have been using Yi Gong to alter weather, change the winds, blow the previous fire back on itself and clear the skies with tremendous success during the last conference, the Laura Eisenhower and Dr. Dream event and subsequent skywatches. I have found as the new energies come in our intentions are manifesting more frequently and with more power. During the Shasta conference last Friday and Saturday a great wave of energy passed through. There were also solar flares which knocked a lot of people off kilter. During these times we need to take off our shoes, get grounded, walk in nature and resynchronize to the new Earth energies. A good nap also helps. With these new energies we are going to have to make adjustments. Cleanses are great, detox the body, drink a lot of fresh clean water, eat lighter foods close to the Earth. We are entering times of high strangeness, it will not be business as usual. Between the shadow governments collapse, last ditch efforts to remain in control, Nature, and the Awakening and Healing process it will be interesting times. Practice staying centered, holding space with loving detachment. Slow down and take care of yourself. This is the best advice I can give.

Be sure and don’t miss the upcoming events at the ranch.

Winston Schrout Sept 4-6
Randy Kramer Sept 25-27
Self Mastery Making Contact with James Gilliland and Tashina an Apache wisdom keeper, Arcturian representative. October 9-11
Nov 25th to 29th gratitude gathering last gathering before closing for winter.

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