The Seven Chakras for Healing

Each of us can be Intuitive. This is true, regardless of our personality, culture, or religious background. Your Intuitions are guiding you to your intended, Spiritual direction. They are an authentic part of our mental toolkit that predates civilization.

We simply have to discover how Intuition works to expand our ability, and if you’re like most of us, you’ve already sensed and acted on an Intuition, at some point in your life.”


“While I’m a newcomer, personally, to the use of essential oils, I’m now all in!  Without a doubt Essential oils work.


Plants growing naturally in various areas around the world have unique aromas and plant oils have been used in many civilizations for a variety of purposes for centuries. This practice, which is also known as aromatherapy has spiritual, cultural and medical benefits.  The fact is that aromatherapy is once again emerging as a realistic and effective therapeutic option because new scientific evidence is available to support its effects.”


Why I love Essential Oil

Aisha North: A History of Creation – Part 5

Aisha North: A History of Creation – Part 5

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big_bang_large<img style=”border: 10px none white; margin: 10px;” alt=”big_bang_large” src=”×308.jpg” width=”234″ height=”144″ />A History of Creation – Part 5, channeled by Aisha North, October 20, 2013 at

As we have been saying this ocean of creative energy is there waiting for you all to dip into, and when you do, you will find the experience an exhilarating one, for then you will feel at home for the very first time in literally ages, and as such, it will be like coming home after a prolonged walk in the desert.

For you are so thirsty for knowledge, and finally, you stand at the edge of the fountain where every thirst will be quenched as soon as you start to drink from it. We speak in parables again, so let us move on to what you are here for, namely to get a little bit more light on the actual process of creation.

As we have talked about earlier, it is indeed a very complex one, but at the same time an infinitely simple one. The ingredients are few, it is in fact only two, creativity combined from energy and consciousness, and this in turn will be able to create all sorts of things by the same simple process: setting energy into vibration by adding the consciousness by way of energetic imprints that in turn engender All there is. This vibrational force is underestimated by humans, as you tend to see things from a very different perspective. For you want to break down everything into tiny little fragments that can be isolated and as such, you diversify when it is much simpler to quantify by other means.

Vibrational forces are the ones that build everything you see, and even the things you are unable to see. For vibration is what everything IS, and as such, the particles in themselves are merely there to make vibration visible or tangible if you will. For the particles are the ones that makes the friction and friction is indeed a very important part of this whole process, for vibration in itself is simply one side of the equation. You can create a single object if you will, but only when it starts to interact with others, will you create creativity on such a scale, it will begin to BECOME what you want it to be.

For everything has a specified frequency, and only when this set frequency starts to interact with other frequencies, will the result be interesting enough. For there is no such thing as one hand clapping, as everything that there IS needs at least one more thing to be able to BE. It is a bit like the cat in the box again. The box is necessary for the cat to BE, and the cat is necessary for the box to BE as well. And when we say BE, it is as in REASON to be. A simple object is no thing without the observer, but the observer also needs more than one thing to observe in order to create life. For life is the meeting point of all the different frequencies, and it is in fact the exact opposite of the still point. For the still point is where the intake of breath occurs, but the chaos is where the out breath if you will, the Creation, really comes about.

We have mentioned the word chaos before, and we will do so again, for we know the mere word in itself has been imprinted with so much negativity for humans and we ask, have you perhaps stopped to think why that is? Why do you fear chaos and hanker for control in every way? And why is the word control such a huge part of human consciousness? It is this very fact that has served to disconnect humanity from this ocean of creative energy, for when you start to CONTROL things, you literally stop life from forming. For then, it is your mind that is leading the way, and as you all know, a human’s mind is not about expanding freely, it is all about following a set of rules that has been programmed into you by those set on CONTROLLING you.

And so you see, what you have always deemed as negative is the only way to CREATE. It is to let go of control, and let the creative forces that collide every time one frequency clashes into another have the freedom to do just that. And when they do, it all starts to LIVE, and so too will you, as you little by little learn to let go of that old and ingrained habit of trying to stay in control. For control leads to certain death, as it will narrow the field of possibilities every time something new arises, whereas chaos ensures eternal LIFE, for it will only serve to increase the number of possibilities every time something new is created that is allowed to interact with All there is from before.

And so you see, the control mechanism that is so hard for you to let go of, is the one that has led humanity down into an ever narrower corridor, away from the light, whereas now, the chaos will again set you free by removing any remaining walls that still obscures the view. For when you have CONTROL as the main driving force behind you, you will never create anything of true and lasting value. And so, what you need to do, is to create freely without having to set any set standards as to what and how this in itself will interact with the rest of Creation.

Of course, there are limits, and these limits have been set by the vibrational field that governs it all, and as such, nothing will be able to be created that will have a willfully destructive force so that it can create havoc with the rest. And so the forces that are being created will be forces that will interact with everything that has already become in a way that will not only boost so much of what is, but it will also serve to disable those things that are not vital enough to be able to interact with these new frequencies.

Again we have the cycle of creation and destruction, but it is all balanced in such a way that what is begotten will not have any ability to wipe out the rest. For this cycle of creation and destruction will not be allowed to tip into a negative spiral as in more destruction than creation, and as such, you have no need to worry that your endeavours will leave any scars on this whole process. For you are simply not able to do that when you start to sip from this huge ocean of vast and endless possibilities. For what you sip, are the waters of life, and as such, the life force will always come out as an end result.

So take your time and let go of the fear of becoming the destroyer of all, for that is not possible. And if something comes apart because one of your creations starts to interact with its field of harmonics, it is because it is meant to do so. For then, what you have created is far better adapted to bring this whole cycle a step further than what the other part of Creation could do. And so, when the time is right, everything that has at one time been created will cease to be, and it will return to that endless ocean, waiting to BEcome once again, and it in turn will interact with All of Creation in such a way, it will cause other parts of it to become redundant and obsolete and returned to become Source material once again. And so this cycle goes on and on, producing more LIFE from chaos, making light out of the dark void of unknowing, letting new life be born out of it all.

: Unexpected Timeline Shifts Transport us into the Void

DL Zeta:  The Aries Lunar Eclipse: Unexpected Timeline Shifts Transport us into the Void

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DL Zeta<img style=”margin: 10px;” alt=”DL Zeta” src=”×150.jpg” width=”150″ height=”150″ />The Aries Lunar Eclipse: Unexpected Timeline Shifts Transport us into the Void, by DL Zeta, October 18, 2013 at:

We’re in a time of powerful endings and beginnings. These transitions will shake many to their core, creating sudden and unexpected timeline shifts. Today’s 25° Aries lunar eclipse emphasizes the need for freedom, balance and change. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and holds the energy of new beginnings.

Fear and anxiety may arise as we are faced with changes large and small to our way of life. That which is working and spiritually-aligned in our lives will grow stronger during this time while that which is not working will begin to fall away. It is important to be willing to take action in areas of your life now.

Determining Impact, Intensity and Duration of Eclipse Influences

A lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon when the earth moves exactly between the sun and moon, interrupting their natural connection. Everyone feels the effects of an eclipse differently. The type of impact and its intensity and duration depends on where an eclipse falls in your astrology chart.

This eclipse will strongly affect people with personal planets and points of approximately 20-30° of cardinal signs. If an eclipse falls within 3° of a planet or an important point in your chart by conjunction or opposition, it is of special significance to you. This lunar eclipses opposes Libra. The nature of our planets impacted by the eclipse offers clues to the experiences that lie ahead. The house where this eclipse falls in your chart will determine what part of your life is most affected.

Emotional Upheaval and Relationship ‘Shake-Ups’ are Possible

Relationships are at the core of the changes taking place. We may find ourselves trying to strike a balance between being close to someone and following the intense desire to be free. Be prepared to embrace change and accept endings that are triggered now. When people and circumstances leave your life, this opens a space for the new. As we sit in silence we feel the first stirrings of new desire. The lunar eclipse energies of this time will steer us toward starting over in some area of our life.

Emotions will run high during this very intense eclipse period as many feel put to the test. Lunar eclipses tend to stir up the emotional body, prompting anything that lies hidden to rise to the surface. This lunar eclipse may bring up our shadow side so we can bring awareness and acceptance. One thing is for certain – anything that has been swept under the rug or repressed within the subconscious will be dredged up during this eclipse.

Summoning the Courage to Enter the Void

The key to working with this time is to summon the courage to exist in the void for a time. This is the trial by fire, the dark night of the soul as we sit in silence, accepting observing with alert awareness, trusting in the higher order of the universe and calling on the strength, wisdom and love that exists within our soul.

Keep in mind as you move through this time that the void is the place of new beginnings, new ideas and all things creative. Inside the void a new and more spiritually aligned and empowered future beckons. When we allow ourselves to exist within the void, we open the door to a wealth of new potentials. At the energy level, all things are truly possible. This is the place where we re-invent ourselves, where we give life to our dreams, and plant seeds that determine the shape of our future.

Shining the Light of Awareness on Fears and Insecurities

This is an excellent time to focus on healing and clearing the past to make way for the new. Clearing clutter and passing on things we no longer need are important now. As we move further into the clearing process, our attention is drawn to the fears and insecurities that have held us back for so long. When we shine the light of our awareness on these fears, they start to lose power over us. Sit with whatever emotions rise to the surface now. Change can be painful at times. As we release resistance, it’s easier to release old structures we have outgrown and move toward that which empowers us.

This is also a good time to further develop a talent or skill, or develop an entirely new skill. Psychic sensitivity may be off the charts during this phase. It’s a good time to develop intuitive skills. Our creative and artistic talents come to the forefront at this time. As we follow our creative impulses, we find healing and new gifts to share with the world.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

The Growth Movement and Consciousness Raising

The Growth Movement and Consciousness Raising

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Consciousness Raising<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”Consciousness Raising” src=”” width=”211″ height=”239″ />I’m not sure if it’s a function of the Mother’s gift of clarity,  just something that’s occurring for me personally, or something else entirely, but I find myself wanting many things I once had and feeling impatient to have them again.

And primarily those things relate to the Growth Movement of the Seventies.

I said a while back that I think the Growth Movement languished in the recession of the early Eighties.  I think its hiatus was helped by the tremendous impact that automation had on the job market and people’s wages and marketability.

The social safety net was torn to shreds. Many people lost such factors of security as pensions and benefits plans. No one had money any more to attend courses.  Everyone seemed to be hunkered down just getting by.

I think that the cabal engineered matters so that things like personal growth were “taken out.” In their place we were fed a steady diet of action-packed movies, crime-based TV programs, and mind-numbing advertisements which had the effect of dumbing us down.

All this was in preparation for the big push that began with 9/11 and represented the cabal’s attempt to take over the world.

Whatever happened and whatever is happening now, I find myself hungering for what we had back then.  Actually hungering does not go far enough. Pining and hankering after the consciousness-raising work we used to do in the Seventies.

A lot of it was spear-headed by the civil-rights, women’s, and anti-war movements of the Sixties. A lot was inspired by the flower children.  But by the Seventies it had morphed into a life that seemed to be one group experience after another in a smorgasbord of finely-targeted growth work designed to put us in touch with body, mind, and soul. There never was such a time for me before or since.

And this hunger goes along with an ever-deepening realization of how true it is that our essential identity is consciousness. I’m seeing more and more how it’s phenomena in consciousness which really decide matters for us.

For instance, our belief systems result in muscular tension which lowers our awareness. A despondent feeling, a depressed mood or a disempowering thought decide so many matters for us. And there is not the relief there once was in being able to share what was happening for us with so many of our friends and family, to “work out,” as we called it then.

The Growth Movement was all about consciousness raising, getting out of our heads and in touch with our feelings. It was the leavening factor in society. It offered the most hope to us to escape from the forces that we little suspected were bearing down on us and lowering our consciousness, as they were intended to do.

In our conversations, we emphasized getting to the truth of the matter, getting in touch with our feelings, and sharing ourselves transparently.  We had a plethora of exploratory and releasing technologies, like bioenergetics, rebirthing, bodywork, psychodrama, rule reconstruction, and encounter, that have fallen by the wayside since then.  I acknowledge that as each day passes I yearn more and more for what we were doing and accomplishing back then.

The Growth Movement dared to look at standards of integrity, what the Buddha called “right conduct.” It dared to ask us to live up to the highest ideals, something that disappeared from our cultural landscape amid financial bubbles, junk-bond frenzies, foreclosure scams and other ways to disenfranchise and impoverish the 99%.

Ironically we were called the “Me Generation,” as if we were navel-gazing. The “me” that we were uncovering was the Self. To call us the “Me Generation” was a gross misrepresentation and a total lack of comprehension of what we were about. We were about growth, compassion, and sharing.

I hope that, after the Reval, some lightworkers will make it their life’s work to bring back the kinds of group experiences we had then. For me I see the growth that I need to make (and perhaps you share the feeling): To peel back the layers of constraint, denial and masking my feelings that I’ve fallen into in recent years.

I’m fairly bursting at the seams to have what I consider nourishing discussions that are aimed at revealing ourselves to each other, standing forth as the Self, and valuing honesty and transparency from those around us.  And, while I can have those kinds of conversations online among the team, I also hunger to have them offline, up close and personal, so to speak.

Just as the Reval will put a nail in the coffin of sequestering wealth among a closed elite, so also the rise of a new culture of sharing ourselves will put a nail in the coffin of attempts to dumb us down and take us out of touch with our essential natures.

As people look at what they wish to do after the Reval, whenever it comes, I hope there are some out there who will take it as their mission to recreate the wonderful laboratories of unmasking and sharing ourselves we had back then. It’s time to bust out all over and, while I appreciate a slow pace in some areas, I’m raring to go in this one.

Unity in Community: Taking Baby Steps – Part 1/2

Unity in Community: Taking Baby Steps – Part 1/2

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<img alt=”” src=”″ width=”259″ height=”189″ />

“Unity in Community”

That was one of many catchphrases suggested during Thursday night’s roundtable discussion on Tinychat with Michael Genova, myself, and at one point about sixty others.

The theme of the meeting was discussing and building upon some of the ways we can breed real and lasting unity amongst various Lightworker and alternative news oriented websites, which remain separate and independent in terms of the projects and work being done.

I recently wrote a piece about the communities of various Lightworker blogs establishing unity in their ranks and then branching out to other communities and merging our efforts. This piece inspired Michael Genova and the GFP crew to invite me to what have now been two quite successful discussions about this very subject.

Before getting into a profound realization about this that a friend helped me obtain, I’d like to lay out the ideas that have been presented so far.

One of the ideas is for the members of various Lightworker communities to collaborate on a video wherein each person talks for a short period of time (30 sec to a min.) about the idea of coming together and working as a united awakened populace.

This could be an individual project for the communities of various sites and forums to work on, or we could all collaborate with a mega-video on the subject (which would have to be broken into parts, I’d imagine).

Obviously, to coordinate such an undertaking the communities of individual sites would have to work together to mend any division in their ranks. In doing so, I think it’s important to remember that our differences in belief or ideology don’t have to divide us or make us bicker like they did in the past.

Personally, I’m learning to hear somebody out if they express an opinion or stance that I didn’t expect or that isn’t my own, and doing so has seen me able to embrace new concepts that have helped me quite a bit along my path of enlightenment.

I think that the members of each website and forum who’ve previously allowed difference in belief to come between them should recognize everything they have in common and accept each other for their perceived differences. As I’ve said before, we can’t pave the road for the rest of the world to find unity if we ourselves can’t see past petty squabbles.

Another idea, which I was assigned to helping bring about, is to bring the various channelers and spiritual/alternative news writers/bloggers who are well known in our little corner of the planet together to begin working on various projects; the video being one and a draft of our intentions as a united group being another.

I believe that somebody in the group was assigned to creating a logo of sorts for this movement, and others who are good with video editing have volunteered to play a part.

We also agreed that music could be a great way for us to get our message out there, and several musicians were a part of the chat last night who were willing to be a part of writing something.

In short – the awakening masses are galvanizing in the way I’ve always hoped when publishing writings about doing so, and everybody is willing to play the unique role we’ve all been told we can play. My excitement for what we’re doing and what we’re about to do is growing every day, and the level of Love bouncing around that chat room last night was intense and felt by all.

Seeing so many fellow conscious people who were willing to throw themselves into this developing call for unity, and who were excited to do so to say the least, reminded me of just how many of us have awakened and just how strong and willing a growing number of us are to be a part of real and solid change.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.


Unity in Community: Taking Baby Steps – Part 2/2

Unity in Community: Taking Baby Steps – Part 2/2

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<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”” src=”” width=”187″ height=”187″ />

Concluded from Part 1

I’m going to continue to reach out to fellow channels and bloggers to be a part of this, and amidst doing so I’ve realized with help from a friend that an attempt to bring us all together under the same banner all at once, while sounding great, could require some initial stages before we can all accommodate each other, so to speak.

This certainly isn’t the first attempt that’s been made at establishing unity and harmony amongst the various awakened sites and groups. Perhaps we should keep in mind that attempts like this have been made in the past and slow our pace while keeping our ultimate goal in mind as well.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t work to come together and eventually merge our efforts, but perhaps there needs to be some transitory stages wherein we see how various camps can interact with each other and handle differences in belief or opinion, or even outright conflict.

I think it’d be a bit naïve to assume there won’t be catalyzing conflict involved with everybody coming together, because we’re all individual and seek to express our individualism and our stance on matters we feel are important.

We talked about this a little bit on the chat last night, and I presented the idea that if majority opinion rules over one person’s then that person’s viewpoint should still be respected and heard in a balanced way.

I suggested for the hypothetical person and the majority to come to a middle ground; a concession of sorts on both ends. Of course, I’m only one person with so many answers and the responsibility lies in the rest of you to present your stances and the knowledge you have for the conscious collective.

There are going to be differences and conflict here and there, and to attempt to avoid it would be to deny a crucial aspect of our experience of coming together as conscious people.

The friend I mentioned above suggested something that I intend to take and run with – inviting the “heads” or “representatives” if you want to use those terms, of various blogs, to be a part of a weekly roundtable discussion or meeting.

It would be like the Tinychat sessions the GFP and others hold amongst their ranks, but it would be comprised of various awakened communities and the well-known creators of or contributors to those communities. My wife suggested that a video of each meeting could be recorded and other measures could be taken to make sure nobody feels left out.

Each “camp” or site could work on individual projects, and we could present our progress and what we’ve gotten done to the rest of the “delegation” if you will. In this manner, our efforts are coordinated yet individual and we can get a lot done.

This different model of our establishment of unity could be seen as divisive in that the different camps would continue to work amongst themselves on various projects, but the coordination and the fashioning of unity can start with weekly meetings amongst us.

There’s also the fact that the communities of various sites and forums still remain divided in some ways, and I’ll continue to take it upon myself to help breed “unity and community” amongst these fellow awakening people.

Imagine the people of Ashtar Command Crew, for example, working together on various projects and then meeting weekly at a roundtable meeting comprised of the people of, the GFP, GAOG and so many others who also independently work on projects. Imagine how much we can get done!

Obviously, the unity wouldn’t stop there. The idea is for this to be the first step we take to establish something that could be difficult to establish indeed but that’ll be very worth it. This is intended to be the starting point of the coming together of various communities, and eventually, I do think we’ll be able to merge our efforts.

For now, I’m convinced that this is the best road – taking baby steps and seeing where they take us from there. During my next channeling session with our Universal Family, I’ll probably seek their guidance on this matter because Divine inspiration never hurt.

I’ll continue to get a hold of as many others as possible and introduce this, and you’re welcomed to do anything and everything you can to help us in this endeavor.

I might begin speaking on Michael Genova’s Thursday evening Tinychat get-together regularly, because after only two weeks of chats and then one chat with a friend for me, I feel like we’re already making a lot of progress.

Wes Annac – Honored to be a part of this call for unity with all of you.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia


Indicators of Progress – Part 1

Indicators of Progress – Part 1

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Lightworkers 2

I’m seeing so many indicators of progress these days that I wanted to share some of them with you. Being a public personality, I often have to be careful what I say and I know that you understand. But let me comment in a safe and general way.

I think we expect ourselves to be Third-Dimensional sloths one moment and radiant beings the next. But the process is, and probably has to be, slow and gradual. Otherwise, never mind us feeling fatigued or exhausted; we’d probably keel over.

So the signs of progress I see show us to be emerging slowly from our 3D limitations and I’m happy with the pace.

The first indicator for me is that I notice my writing has become clearer since the Mother’s baptism of clarity last week.

I wrote three articles some days ago that I worried were too dense but they just came pouring out of me.  And I’d never put the matter more clearly. So that is the first indicator of my own progress I’m noticing.

Yesterday I noticed signs of progress in the time it took to process an upset. One has to wait for an upset to come along to see our progress and I haven’t had many major upsets in the last few years so I haven’t been able to test out the time it takes.

This time I knew I had a whale of a vasana that was coming up and it took days to announce its readiness to be processed. I hadn’t had a vasana as pronounced since ten years ago.

On that occasion it took six months of lying on my bed and feeling it every day until it miraculously lifted and I was never bothered with those feelings again.

This time I thought to myself that this may be a long one too. Why not? It was intense and it seemed to be rising only slowly.

But it was now here and I had to wall myself off from the world and experience it through to completion. I’d like to discuss the notion of “experiencing” something or “being with it” for just a sec before going further.

When I say those words, I don’t just mean having something go on with us and walking around still conducting our business.

I mean tasting it with as much depth and granularity as you’d taste a slice of lemon meringue pie. This way of proceeding is definitely counter-intuitive when what we’re tasting is our pain.

But experiencing something through like this is the fastest and most efficient way to have it disappear that I know of (of the ways that depend entirely on me. Giving it away to the Mother does not depend on me, so to speak).

The most dramatic experience of pain most of us men go through when we lead a “normal” life is to be punched in the face. I was once stabbed in the back and the knife was left in me and I was totally unaware of it till me wife pulled the knife out of my back and showed it to me. A stab, though serious, is not painful. But a punch in the face is.

On one occasion I was punched when I had my sports jacket half on and half off so I simply had to take it.

There is shock, pain and a taste like swallowing your tears. And then your face swells up. It’s definitely not something most people want to experience.

And most pain generally is not something we want to experience. We run from it, distract ourselves, hide our feelings, and deny everything. So to experience pain at a granular level is definitely counterintuitive.

But I resolved to experience it at the most granular level I could and I did. I tasted it. I allowed it to spread to every part of my body. I breathed it and breathed through it for the full time it was there, not allowing myself to distract myself for a minute.

I thought to myself, this will take six months, but, three hours later, it entirely disappeared and I was back to my normal self again.

Now that is unheard of. I know we’ve being saying for months or years that our process of clearing upsets is quickening but this was the most dramatic proof I’ve had.

So this is another indicator of our progress.

(Why do I discuss upsets so often? Because they are the most common interruptions in our well-being of all events I know of. They are matters that we blame others for [“You made me X”]. They can be the cause of breakdown in our relationships.

So they are probably the most serious daily occurrence that we go through that interfere with our spiritual progress. And having the means to process them quickly and efficiently is perhaps the most valuable arrow we have in our quiver.) (1)

I’ve been discussing how to clear vasanas for many years now, but I’m not even sure (a) if people understand what I’m saying, (2) if they know how to run the process without doing some things that could neutralize it (eg., not taking the first picture the mind throws up, not experiencing the vasana deeply, not realizing that you may need to process a vasana repeatedly, etc.), and (c) if people are having success with it. So I’m somewhat flying blind here.

(Continued in Part 2.)


(1) I’ve talked about the upset clearing process extensively in the articles under “On Processing Vasanas” at I’ll list some of the more comprehensive articles at the end of Part 2.

See also Jesus’s statement about it and Eckart Tolle’s:  “Jeshua: The Third Way,” at and “Eckhart Tolle: Living in Presence With Your Emotional Pain Body,” at

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