SaLuSa January 23, 2015.

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey. January 23, 2015.

SacredAs events on Earth become more disturbing for you, so the Light is progressing more quickly towards its goal of bringing an end to the interference of the dark Ones.

They have held the power for many centuries, and embarked on their plan to reduce the population of Earth to a manageable size. This they have partly achieved by keeping Man in virtually a continual state of war. Although they believe that they are achieving their aims, it is beginning to dawn on them that they can no longer control events on Earth.

By now they would have drawn most countries into another global war, but through our actions have been unable to do so. Their ambition to bring about a Third World War has been prevented, and we are limiting their ability to delay the coming changes that will signal the true beginning of the New Age. From our position we see matters as progressing very well and the coming of the long awaited advancements that will truly indicate that the New Age has arrived.

Do not be concerned about the group known as Isis, as their success is soon to be brought to a sudden halt when they shall be unable to continue with their war against the people of Earth.

Many ask why we do not stop them now, but certain karmic issues have to be played out. There are many lessons being learnt that will serve the souls involved very well and help them to evolve. It may seem to you that many innocent souls are involved in the atrocities that are taking place.

However, please understand that they are working off karma from previous lives that can only be to their advantage. You cannot progress into the higher dimensions if you are still involved in clearing up old issues. Nevertheless, you may draw karma to yourselves that can be easily cleared and will not in any way delay you on your path to Ascension.

We realise that for many this period is difficult, but keep to your tasks and spread Love and Light whenever you can. Times will be difficult as the old energies are being transmuted, and as the old way of life becomes unacceptable.

Those of you who spread the Light have a very big responsibility to keep focussed on your path and let no one stand in your way. Your strength is in your resolve to keep going forward and bring the Light to people wherever you are.

There will be signs along the way that will clearly show you that the New Age is manifesting, and we will be present to ensure that all progresses according to the plan given us by the Spiritual Hierarchy. The important development is that we along with other Beings from the higher dimensions are taking a direct interest in your activities, and will assist you to achieve success.

You are seeing more of our craft in your skies and also some that are of an enormous size. This is to assure you we are quite capable of dealing with any problems that may arise, and that we command the airspace around your planet.

It cannot have passed unnoticed that we share the skies with your craft, but when they attempt to shoot us down we are quite capable of disappearing very quickly, and thus avoid any confrontation. It is not our way to engage in a war in Space and indeed we have no need to do so. Our peaceful presence is sufficient to prove our superior capability, knowledge and ability to easily handle any threats against our craft.

When the time is right we shall put a stop to warlike activities, and all that is associated with such intentions. We are here to bring lasting peace to Earth and her people, and to assist you to take your place alongside us.

It is only now that you are beginning to awaken to your true selves, and can understand your potential to become Galactic Beings. Understand that when this cycle began some 10,000 years ago you were coming to Earth with a very limited level of consciousness. It grew as you experienced more lives and has greatly speeded up in the last few centuries.

In fact you are now able to absorb larger amounts of information, and through your experiences have achieved greater levels of consciousness. Some of you can acknowledge such advancements insomuch as when you read some of your older books again, you realise that you achieve a far greater understanding than previously. In any event those of you who continually seek enlightenment will undoubtedly evolve to higher levels of achievement, much more quickly.

For those Dear Ones who have only recently found a path to the New Age, it is difficult to take in so much information when it is somewhat different to their earlier understanding.

We ask you to keep an open mind and set aside anything that you cannot accept at this time, as the truth will always come back to you in the future. Cast aside anything that is not of the Light and does not “feel” right to you. You will find that the truth is not complicated and to be found in part in most religions.

However, the truth is not a religion, as the “Truth” is capable of releasing you from ages-old beliefs that no longer have a place in your lives. If whatever is placed before you does not “feel” right it will always come back to you at some time for further consideration.

The more you can live in the Now the more you will leave the old vibrations behind. You will find a great feeling of happiness that sees you safely move within them, with no desire to engage them again. Living in the Now should be your aim if you have sufficiently evolved to seek the Light in the higher dimensions.

The future is golden and you are approaching it much sooner than you might imagine. Be in joy as your journey has not much further to go before you celebrate the going of the dark Ones, who have created their own path to the future. Theirs is not as yours as they have already set their course and will remain in the lower dimensions. Their ability to interfere with your progress is slowly losing power and they will be the victims of their own actions.

For millennia of time you have lived under the illusion created by those who follow the dark path. Your task has been difficult but to your credit you have persevered with your determination to find the truth.

All souls that reach this level attract the help of evolved Beings and from that point onwards are given every help to progress with their own evolution. Sometimes you meet up with your Guides when in the sleep state, and they may help you with problems that arise in your everyday life.

Sometimes you can remember such meetings but most times it is quickly forgotten, yet you may still have a vague feeling of what took place. Have you ever taken your problems to bed with you and slept on them, only to awake in the morning feeling that you have somehow been given the answers? It happens quite often and is how help is given you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and ever pleased that we are able to help you through these difficult times. Remember that when you send your thoughts out to us, we do receive them, and where possible take whatever action may be needed to help you. Keep your focus upon your important tasks that will carry you forwards, and know that we are with you.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa. Channelled by Mike Quinsey. January 23, 2015.

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: January 24, 2014

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: January 24, 2014

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Sacred<img style=”margin: 10px;” alt=”Sacred” src=”” width=”182″ height=”177″ />SaLuSa: January 24, 2014. Channelled by Mike Quinsey.

As ever, time flies by and is speeding towards the times of important changes that are the forerunners of a new period in your history that is leaving the past behind. All proceeds as intended, and before very long you will begin to receive the proof that you have been seeking.

You will be in no doubt that all along the forces for good have been working towards the changes that you have been promised and that the New Age is upon you. Outwardly many will only see confusion and many parts of your world in turmoil. It is the final throes of the dark Ones who are now in retreat. Before long those who have been working silently for the Light will reveal themselves, and you will know that the New Age has truly begun.

Meanwhile Lightworkers are called upon to remain resilient and focussed upon their work that will ensure the Light is continuing to be empowered. For a long, long time you have sought proof of the changes that you know must come if the New Age is to get underway. That will for some time be limited until such times that it is safe for the Light to be revealed for the progress that has been made.

However, there are numerous signs everywhere that the changes are speeding up, and can be found by those who are seeking in earnest. Already some souls are making themselves known for their Light work, and you may rest assured that they will be protected by us.

As the Light grows in strength so more souls will begin to awaken and their levels of consciousness will enable them to raise their vibrations. Already we find that more people are speaking openly of their new found understanding, and there is a new eagerness to discuss what is happening upon Earth.

The awakening will continue to grow at a greater speed that will draw like souls together. Indeed, it will also create a wider gap between those of the Light and the non-believers, which is to be expected. However, we do not advocate any deliberate attempts to widen it. Lightworkers will be needed more than previously, to assist those who are seeking a greater understanding of what is taking place.

Some of you have waited for a long time to act in service to your fellow travellers on the path of Light. Now that time has arrived and many will be called to fulfill their life contract. Be assured that you do not walk alone at any time, you are always accompanied by several souls who are there to serve you. So do not hesitate to call upon them when you need help.

If you are searching for some indication as to what your role is to be, do not worry as when the time is right you will be left in no doubt as to what is required of you. Your role will be one that you have prepared for over many lifetimes and you will have no need to doubt your ability.

As you are aware, at these end-times much karma is coming up to be cleared, and this is one reason why so much activity is taking place. However, given time it will become less, and will be helped by bringing together many souls who hitherto have been deliberately kept apart. The dark Ones have created many ways in which to stop you coming together as One, but that will change as it is realised how much you have in common with each other. Religion has divided people and many wars have been fought because of the different ideologies. These problems will also be overcome when the truth is made known, and it is realised that All are One.

So do not be too concerned as to how the seemingly impossible differences between you can be overcome. When the truth is given by those who have your confidence and trust, many difficulties will simply fade away. At heart most of you seek a peaceful life, and are happy to live and let live. Allowing others to choose their own path of Light will become generally accepted, and they will be able to progress as slowly or quickly as suits them. All will eventually find the Light and there are endless pathways to it.

Keep a positive approach in all you do and do not allow doubt to creep in, as the dark Ones will attempt to put you off course right up until the last minute. They will be gradually become weakened and will no longer have the ability to interfere with your progress. Slowly they having their power taken away, and are already unable to command with the authority that they once had. We are closely monitoring them, even to the point where they have no hiding place from us. There is no escape and they will be begging to no avail to avoid the consequences of their actions.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and so pleased to help you through these periods of intense changes. Be assured that however impossible Earthly situations seem, with our help they shall be overcome in short time. Whilst for karmic reasons you must tread the paths you have created for yourselves, we can come in at the appropriate time and help you restore your countries. So please do not get downhearted or despair over the “mess” that many years of wars have left some countries in. We are here to help you, and clear the pathway to a wonderful Golden future.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa through Wally – September 5, 2013

SaLuSa through Wally – September 5, 2013

postdateiconThursday, 05 September 2013 20:17 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

SaLuSa September 5 2013.

Using your own ingenuity and resourcefulness you may solve many problems in your life and also turn your problems around so you can see them from a different angle, also see that many facets of your personality are circular, as many times you are simply repeating patterns already experienced so this then becomes the framework and backing to support the new you. Many of the things you feel are of great significance and importance in your life have grown to be unhealthy obsessions getting you so preoccupied with them you fall into emotional imbalance and you need to pry and prize them off you, to then open yourself up to peer and peep into spirit which is your greater unbounded self.

We see your many protests and demonstrations around the world in your refusal to accept that which is on offer and placed before you, as you can not let evil and corruption go unchallenged as this would lead to a dark and cold time. Dear ones we wish to gently and lovingly assure you that we are here for you and we hear you calling to us, as you who by your very nature are birthing the New Age.

The Age of Pisces was marked with many excesses of money, power and control, illusion and superstition, hidden and secret mysteries, impractical will fullness, and the like, this has been very difficult and troublesome time for Humanity, but this New Age of Aquarius will be very different and depart from such and in contrast become a happy and easy-going time, this has long been promised and foretold and also that we your Star Families would come back and become as one with you. Distinguish and discern if what we say resonates with you. This Age marks the end points for so many agendas and a time of celebration and festivity and is expected in a reasonably short time frame. We know that many view this with incredulity and skepticism but take this information and store it away somewhere safe as you may need it in this time of transition and restructuring.

A decriminalization and legalisation will be made of the use of substances to expand your senses and perceptions so that your sight is not blocked by the veil of illusion which has been placed in the way and which blocks and inhibits your vision of higher realms beyond your current reality. And we are assessing and evaluating you to see how well you will do in the ethereal and non-physical realms without freaking out or going into a flurry of hysteria. We have had some success in curbing this human instinctual drive to fight and flight when in higher realms and other dimensions and persuaded the Sirian Council of Light to conduct initial tests but further testing has stalled until you can peel back the layers of the onion and get to the core and center of psychological hang-ups with this issue which if unresolved would be to your disadvantage and detriment and once this has been done you can get fully on board with us and be completely integrated into the Galactic Federation of Light.

We will converge our ships at sea in specific areas where the oblivious and unenlightened are neglecting and disregarding ocean environment in which Dolphins and Whales are suffering which is prohibited by Universal Law as these are Sovereign Sentient Beings and Actionable measures will be taken with respect to the Younger Brother.

You have done very well and we salute you with praise for over coming the deceit and cunning of those who have tried to dull and weaken your light and in response you have caused to come into existence a new and powerful beam of light which is shining a clear pathway for all mankind to be guided by.

Many are paid insufficiently low wages and have to work very hard just to keep their head above water and you would view with irony and sarcasm that you are those very ones which create the wealth in the first place and are the supporting shell that holds up the economic system and new legislation and regulations will be made to bring this to full resolution and remedy.

Unrestrained and rampant speculation in the markets will be instigated by agent provocateurs which will spread at an increasingly gathering pace causing injury by devaluation and depreciation of currency and financial instruments which is only made possible by a sickness in the Justice System. The public will be told half truths and lies of why this has happened and all the while squandered opportunities continue. Many who will suffer have consented to these traumatic experiences at a deep level of consciousness, but this discomfort will only be for a short time as a discovery will be made in subatomic particles physics that will usher in a boom time with a great flowering of your economy and society and this new energy system will be modular so as to give you independence so that you will not have to be connected to the grid. The production of energy from fossil fuels will then wane off as trade in this business will move into a less active phase. The monopoly and dominance of petrol chemical industry over energy production has at many times been enforced by violent and brutal means and these hostilities will come to a ceasing halt.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and while I am not here with you in the physical I am always with you in Spirit and we admire your strength and persistence in your ability to hold your ground and overcome minor difficulties and problems and we celebrate and honor the lightworkers and all those who work toward a better future.

We are aware of a tendency by many to suspect us of exaggerating and overstating our claims and are viewed by many as a strange spectacle but this is ill-fitting and inaccurate as our Arrival and appearance amongst you is assured.

Thank you SaLuSa.


MADAD — SaLuSa 03:09:2013

MADAD — SaLuSa 03:09:2013

postdateiconTuesday, 03 September 2013 21:06 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SaLuSa 03.09.2013


Do you see now how powerful you are? Those who wished that you stay in lower vibrations of fear and hate have no more energy to feed from, and it can be clearly seen in current most spoken about conflict on your world. You have shown your intentions so strongly, that there is no possibility of starting a war at no place on Earth. Your old Leaders understand what is happening and the new Ones simply not engaging in such interests, as they want to bring that desired permanent Peace on your planet which so many of you now understand is the only way to move on, away from the old as it is useless and rapidly falling apart. Dear Ones, these are the inside changes that are being seen on the outside and cannot be overlooked, as this is how you can manifest everything in your lives. Do focus on the new as you are now in the middle of the ocean of changes, and you need to prepare your ship to joyously arrive at your destined port. Take out everything you feel is too heavy or is slowing you down and see how wonderfully you can flow and navigate in these immense waves, and do not forget to use the energy that these waves are carrying as they can take you home even faster. Do see yourself as part of this ocean and feel that wonderful connection to All That Is.

Some of you already pondering on the question of “leaving the time” and wondering how it will be, how it would feel and most of all how can they exist without the need to know what day, date and time it is right now. We cannot fully describe you this, as everyone will have their own experience of it, but generally speaking you will lose that sense of something is missing, something is not complete and it needs your attentions immediately, feeling of something important is just in front of you and waiting for you to do it, simply said, you will feel comfortable with just being alive and being exactly where you are and with whom you want to be, as all will come so to say in one package because you cannot truly feel happy and satisfied when someone or something do not match your vibrations. Many people are together for karmic issues and once they are solved with love and forgiveness, they are free to choose another path and they will feel very strong desire to depart from that relationship which fulfilled their needs, but please remember that love will always stay between you, as now you are able to look at all what happened throughout the time you were together, many of you were more than once bonded in such relationship, with higher understanding of learning your lessons that have taken you where you are now. Do feel the unconditional Love for each other, forgive and let go that old habit of one being responsible for the other’s unhappiness.
See yourselves as beautiful and shining Beings of Light and all that you want to understand will come to you in such great moments of enlightenment, that you will feel yourselves glowing with all that Light flowing from inside of you and many people will turn around and will be looking at you, and will wonder what is it that causing such strong feeling of attraction towards you. It will start a chain reaction within them, and they will share knowingly or unknowingly the energy of Love and Light with all others. This is the way Light and Love is spreading and we are so very joyous that you are so happily letting it shine from your Heart for all.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feeling great joy that I can share these thoughts with you. If you feel it is time for change, make your intention focus on it, and in no time the signs of it coming will be there for you to see, and surely you will understand what they mean and will act accordingly.


Channeller: MADAD

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

MADAD — SaLuSa 27:08:2013

MADAD — SaLuSa 27:08:2013

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SaLuSa 27.08.2013


Love can be felt and be seen everywhere around you, take it inside and let it move through you and sweep away the last fragments of the old, that you know have no power over you and cannot help you anymore. We know you understand our messages, because they are sent with our love and energy within and they are helping you with your transformation. They are not just words, as words cannot fully express our desired meaning and information that we want to share with you. Therefore with every message that you read, focus also on energy that it is carrying and you will be able to understand more and “read between the lines”. It is possible for you now to understand also that what is not written in words as your higher vibrations are allowing you to sense and feel so much more than ever before. This is how we live and communicate with each other, feeling the energies that surround us and that is what you are ready to practice, as for very long time you were not used to feel and sense others and only focusing on surviving. Now it is almost impossible not to feel as your mind and bodies changed so much, that only those who wish to stay within lower vibrations deny this fact, but also for them will come that moment when they decide to move forward and back home.
There are many surprises waiting for you as you go along your path and although many of you are prepared for all the spoken changes, you will still be amazed of so much more happening and changing in your reality and your lives. We cannot speak of them as they will be your own choices and desires that you will follow, so it is upon you to choose from endless amount of possibilities that will lie in front of you. Once you clearly see your path, a lot of possibilities will show up and those you will feel most attracted to, you will choose to be part of your life. If unsure which one is the best one for you to experience, there will always be someone who will help you decide, but do not expect that there will be someone who will tell you exactly what to do, as now you are awakened and also need to take the full responsibility for your own experiences. We are here with you to guide you until you are able to completely trust yourselves in everything that you choose or do, and we clearly see that many of you are allowing Yourself to guide you and that trust is built inside and also starting to be seen on the outside. With all the changes coming to you, it will be easier for all that are awakening now, and you will see the fruits of your hard work in their smiling and loving expressions.

It is such a wonderful time to be on Mother Earth right now, she feels that so many people are returning her love back that she is literary starting to glow, and we are all watching this beautiful change with amazement and happiness. Soon some of you will be able to also see it, as this is also allowing us to come to you and show ourselves for those who are ready and this will allow others to get ready too. Stay in these wonderful energies and feelings, as we say so often, and leave all that is not serving you behind. Tell that to your mind as many times as needed and you will shortly see that it works as it is always your intentions that are speaking to the Creation Forces.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am so gladly sharing my love and energy with you all and I thank to all of you that are sending love back to me, I feel it from every one and each of you that do so and feel blessed to be able to be in such connection with you. We all from Galactic Federation are enjoying our presence here, so close to you and are ready to greet you within our reality.


Channeller: MADAD

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

MADAD – SaLuSa 02.08.2013

MADAD – SaLuSa 02.08.2013

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Friday, August 2, 2013

SaLuSa 02.08.2013


We begin a new phase of relationship with you and some already feel it. We are preparing you for our coming and we want to be sure you understand what that means to you personally and to all of you together as a society. We are doing it step by step with no intention of overwhelming you or scare you. It depends upon your life plan when and how it will happen. Those of you who are ready to move on and reached certain level of consciousness might be surprised how quickly things will change towards their beautiful experiences they have been dreaming of for very long time. We ask you again to focus on your clearing, as it is most important for your ability to rise even higher. Do not hesitate to ask for help, because you are surrounded with so many Light Beings that are eager to help you like you have never been before. Feel this love that is pouring into you and allow it to go into every single cell of your body and do not let worries or doubts to stop you in doing so. Light and Love are the most powerful tools for your inner transformation and you will begin to see it also on the outside. Trust yourself because the only thing that is slowing your own process of change is the worry that you might not be able to do it.


We assure you that also transformation of your financial and governmental systems are nearing the finish line and with your growing consciousness, you are more able to accept all the changes that are necessary to successfully complete this “long run”. It is not the point and never was to be the first, but to bring to the finish as many as we can with us. Live in the Now and you will see it all happening so wonderfully and peacefully from your calm and centered inner self. Send the Love and Light to all the places around your beloved Mother Earth, that you feel they need it and see how powerful you are because just with your loving thoughts you can help to ease the suffering of so many. We are working closely with our allies on solving those issues, yet we cannot force anything as there is also free will involved. That does not mean that the situation of poor Ones will not be changed or no one will help them, it is the other way around, as your Governments are already implementing new changes into the previous programs of helping the poor people in your world, that showed themselves to be in many cases useless and not sufficient. You can already find information about these changes in your internet and also in the other media.


Keep yourselves in a calm state of mind because as many of you found out, it is the best way to solve all the issues  that are arising in your daily life, without the need of an angry or accusing reaction towards self or others. Do not blame yourself if that happens, you are not perfect and no one is expecting of you to be such, just think of it and we and many of you already know that next time that you will face the similar situation, you will react more calmly and with the knowing that you are speaking to another loving soul who might see things differently than you, yet there is no need for argue or hurting each other. See all others as yourselves, as you also had your “dark days” and share your love with them.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and as always we are sending to all of you our love. Let it inside of your beings and feel how wonderfully it “speaks” to your Soul. Remember you are loved beyond your imagination and with this knowing put all the old behind and welcome us as your true Family.


Channeller: MADAD


Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

SaLuSa through Gabriel – “Merkabah” – 07.31.2013

SaLuSa through Gabriel – “Merkabah” – 07.31.2013 – (English)

postdateiconThursday, 01 August 2013 14:41 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)


A new way of seeing life is growing rapidly within all of you. This is the picture of how well you have well anchored the energies that have come to Mother Earth every day, in favor of your awakening. It has been gradual to some and accelerated for others, it is according to your ability to accept things as they are.

Manyof you have shown yourselves impatient with the results that you judge few to everything we have announced to you. You must realize that the cycle came to the end, indeed, but your necessity to always evolve did not come to an end and you continue learning every day and you are just at one more exercise: learn to be patient, giving time to time.

At thelevel of consciousness, you are already experiencing the 4D and rising. Realize your state of observe things in a different way and always on the good side. This is a sign that reached your goal for the current time and we invite everyone to look around you and to the subtle ways that you are involved as a witness to what we‘re talking about.

As we always warn, evolution is at individual level and all souls are at their particular grade, which we must always respect is its elevation time, always trusting that each one will get where they need to come and, along the way to be traversed, many experiments you will inherit. You are the proof of how hard was the experience in the lower dimensions and at the same time, how wonderful was the learning opportunity. Consider that the souls who are choosing to stay a step backwards in the way, they do this by freewill choice and none of them should be judged for such a feat, as well as you, in the past, they still want to try a few more the lower dimensions.

Of course, along the way, they will become increasingly united by affinity feelings, will join together like you in a time of their development, and will have the opportunity to ascend as ye for higher dimensions as ye are now having this opportunity.

Yes, dear ones, all souls together now in this moment by the Light, in the past also made ​​choicesto stay in duality by a little more time, and were understood and respected by their choices. They walked for a long time and now teamed up again for the big jump. The Universe is cyclical, dear ones, and everyone always meet forward again, always with new experiences to tell.

At this moment of your imminent awakening, give your hands together as well you walked together for all this time that brought you to this point, rise to the higher realms where you are lovingly expected by your loved ones. Also let the souls who still wish to remain in duality, join with those related to their experiences that they may have as planned, and as for you, remain in Faith, awaiting these dear and noble brave souls who wish to remain in the lower dimensions. They, like you, are beautiful beings and are not judged for their choices. In a not too distant future, the cyclical movement of the Universe, you will meet and exchange your wonderful experiences as everything of most beautiful and wise.

Now, dear ones, you are feeling a powerful force to enter your hearts to such proportions that in many cases don’t know how to deal with it.  Please, just give yourselves with love to God’s  will, that is giving you this powerful energy and through it, you will overtake your full  consciousness. The Universe as you know, is currently in a pumping motion of forces and will culminate in a huge explosion of Light that will affect all of Creation. You are already feeling the effects of this great energy that is being sent to you from Mother Earth, as well as for all other beings of Creation. Just like you, we are also experiencing this force and we are flattered by the Creator’s goodness to us all.

I am Thankful to all for the opportunity to bring to you the information that are up to me and I’m very happy to see your acceptance and understanding that we, like you, are following a flow and cannot act outside of what was planned.

Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa, a dear brother sent me an article about a pyramid that is being built or already built in the Area 51. Could you talk about that?

SaLuSa: Dear Ones, the time is now yours, which you must foccus only within you. We can say that anything that is being planned by the dark ones will no longer have its efficiency. Such pyramid, as you well know those in Egypt, has great capabilities of anchoring energies and that one which our friend mentioned was to the same end, and that force would be used as “Anti-clockwise …” We are already accustomed to their intentions to distort what humanity holds most sacred, as they know that nothing that directly interfere with the free will of the people will be allowed.

I AmSaLuSa from Sirius and your Merkabah is very active right now, ready to take you back home.

Be in Peace

Be in the Light!

Gabriel: Thank you, SaLuSa.

Translation: Carolina Barisch

Sementes das Estrelas: SaLuSa – “Merkabah” – 07.31.2013 – English.

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