Worrying doesn’t do us any good.”

Dear friends,

With all the challenging local, national and international news lately, I have been feeling a strong urge to share something innovative with you…

When I was a little girl, I remember my mom Alice saying to my brothers, sister, and me, “Worrying doesn’t do us any good.”

Deep down we know this is true, and yet…we worry anyway.

Here is how I consciously chose to let go of “worry”…

Several years ago my husband and I were worried about our daughter as she faced unexpected health challenges.

Into my life came an angel of a woman named Joann, who asked me point blank,”Why are you worried about your daughter?”

I was so surprised by her question that I blurted out, “because she has health challenges and that’s what parents do…we worry about our children.”

Joann said, “what would you say if I told you that worry is a negative energy, and when you worry about someone you love or even an event that you are concerned about, you are sending negative energy to that person or event?”

I said that is the last thing I would ever want to do; how do I turn a negative into a positive?

Joann suggested that I try something new:

“When you talk with your daughter on the phone, don’t ask her leading questions like how are your headaches or chest pains? She may have been in a happy state until your probing questions reminded her that she had challenges.

Instead, ask her “neutral ” questions like how was your chemistry lab or how was your sorority meeting?”

Joann continued, “and when you think of your daughter, see her surrounded with love and light, rainbows and bubbles, see her as a little girl riding her favorite horse or helping you make chocolate chip cookies…in other words, see and feel happiness for your daughter.”

So I decided to try this new technique…letting go of worry.

For the next few days when I talked with my daughter on the phone I consciously asked only neutral questions, and when I thought of her throughout the day, I consciously chose happy thoughts and memories to send her.

I noticed that I was starting to feel happier and more upbeat. 😉

And lo and behold when my daughter asked me what I was doing that was different lately, I explained my conscious re-direction of my thoughts and words to her…she stunned me by saying “mom, for the last few days I have been feeling great!”

And to this day, her health is perfect. 😉

Oh my…is it really this simple?

So I consciously chose to practice this a few years later as my father-in-law was near the end of his long debilitating illness. He and I would not talk about his diminishing appetite or his heightened anxiety…we would rehash his wild stories as a career Air Force pilot or talk about the time we drank a little too much cheap red wine and embarrassed the family…stories that made us both chuckle. I would rub his feet with lotion and sit quietly doing soothing reiki on him for as long as he wanted…worry-free. When he peacefully died, he was in the arms of my mother-in-law, surrounded by family,

And when a friend who was about to give birth to her first child asked all us moms to give her our favorite piece of advice, I gave her my “letting go of worry” story.

She told me a few years ago that that was the best advice ever…she surrounded her son with love and light and joy, and transferred her equanimity and calm to her baby son, who thrives in grade school today.

Why am I sharing all this “letting go of worry” with you?

Our thoughts, words, and actions are so powerful.

We each have the conscious personal choice to live in peace, to let go of worry and to release the fear.

It takes about 21 days to form a new habit. By writing your intentions to form new positive habits on Post-It notes and putting them all over your mirror, your work space, your doors and windows, you have taken charge of your life.

I practice letting go of worry every day, whether on a personal level or an international level.

I invite you to try it, and when you see positive results, share them with your family and friends…storytelling is connecting all of us on this beautiful Earth in a very empowering way.

…one more way of “being”  Peace in action.

From my heart to yours:

Hugs of peace, love, light, laughter and aloha…Terri

Terri Donovan Mansfield

Co-founder, Arizona Dept. of Peace Campaign (AZDOP) www.azdopcampaign.org

Faculty, International Metaphysical University www.intermetu.comm   


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