A gift I received today:

A gift I received today:

Move to a comfortable position, as you relax take three deep breaths in through the nose, hold for a second and release through the mouth.

Imagine a large shaft of white light coming down from above, and as it fills and surrounds the body, you feel relaxed, and the body is absorbing this loving energy.

Wait a couple seconds before you read the next line. Absorb the energy.

Now you feel a second wave of light energy filling and surrounding the body, you can feel the energy going even deeper, healing the body, there is peacefulness to this energy, to this light.

Wait before you read the next line.

The third wave of energy moves down and around the body, you can feel a lightness of heart with this energy, you feel as though you have connected with your higher self, you’re I AM presence.

Enjoyed this energy for a while

As you relax imagine roots coming from the bottom of your feet going all the way to the core of the Earth, and this beautiful golden white light moving up through the roots entering and surrounding the body,

Relax and enjoy the energies as they combined

See your heart opening and all this love energy flowing through your heart out to every living thing on Gaia and Gaia also,

Now is the time to start seeing love in everything you do,

Take a few deep breaths and come home but remember your journey:  From the Heart with Love.

From Rie Singh comet called elenin

From Rie Singh

Good morning;
this is about a comet called elenin;

 I have been watching what is going on with the weather, earth quakes, and the like. Look up elenin on youtube and you will see a lot of talk about it affecting earth around March 15, others, 12 to the 15. Your first thought is nothing happened, but there was an earth quake in Japan on the 11 that is not far off. Here are a few things to think about. Feb. of last year we has a earth quake in Chile and were told it was strong enough to move the axis of the earth but no big deal, this year it was Japan, again we are told it moved the axis. Last February the earth, sun, and elenin were in about the same place as this year. You account for travel time, one month and elenin is moving closer and having more of an effect with the weather, what are we not being told.
 I think we are in a new ball park where we have never played before, the earth has moved and everything has changed, Gaia is in a new neighborhood and we need to find out where things were moved to, what areas are affected by what type of weather, now that things have changed. The weather in the UK, and Europe has changed, we know ours has also, just look at the southeast in the past month.
 Things have changed and will be changing more. Don’t be in fear, we signed up to be here at this time, and even more so we were chosen and accepted by god, the creator, whoever you see as being the top dog or top god. All the life times we have lived on earth we were learning skills for this time. We are here to help and cannot do that from a place of fear. We have the knowing of what we need to do, we will remember when the time is right. This has been set in motion by a power that has faith in us to do the job at hand, and how can any of us doubt that we can do this, when the greatest power known to man believes we can. When we living in fear it is like a slap in the face to the power or creator [if it has a face] we are saying we don’t believe what we know in our hearts, we don’t believe you. When we live in fear we are easy to control, we are looking for someone to say it will be alright, I will protect you, but you need to do this or live like that and all your freedoms are to be turned over to us. God gave us free will man tries to take it away, don’t just give it to him, live your life with your heart open and shining not in fear under a bucket of B.S. it is your choice to shine or just be a TURD lying in the back yard.

 That to me is the living in the utmost fear. What have you ever changed when you’re in fear of or worried about something? If it has an outcome that puts you in a negative state, why would you feed it energy? If you are going to send it, send the type of energy you think does the most for the highest and greatest good of all. Live like you know the outcome, you do it in your heart, not what you hear from outside sources. Listen to your heart.

Why not, for the next few weeks [I would ask my angels to help], shift the way you respond to information, instead of feeding things that could be negative with my energy I am going to give it to god, think something as simple as boy I am glad you got that under control, or I know it is part of the plan, send love and compassion, allow your heart to know that things are the way they are to be. We all have things going on in our lives but right now what is in your true heart?

 It has been said that one person can change the world; IS THAT YOUR JOB? To show the world how to live from the heart, open with love flowing in abundance, to Gaia and everyone everywhere? You know we are all connected or we are all one, so as you send love out, think how much is coming back to you. As you send it out to everyone everywhere, everyone everywhere and Gaia is sending love back to YOU. Now think how much the love you are sending out has increased, just in this short time, the light, the energy, it shines like the light of a creator. Now the love you are sending shines through all dimensions, as it does, the masters, the high beings of those dimensions see what you are doing and start sending their love and light to you also. Now for just a few minutes sit with your heart open to all this love, enjoy the lightness of being that is you. YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD; ONE PERSON AT A TIME AND IT STARTS WITH YOU. As you shine other will see your light, soon they will shine and people will notice there is something different about you but not quite sure what. They do feel better around you, soon they are changing, more relaxed, and more peaceful, the people around notice a calmness about them and start to change also, and soon the world has changed just because you did not want to be a TURD lying in the back yard.

Till next time; I believe, you are so much more attractive wearing love instead of fear

 Rie Singh and the message below are what started post;
Subject: [ECETI News] Comet Elenin Is Nibiru

Scientific Proof to Back it up. I dont agree about HAARP however as being in the picture as well.


Rie Singh

From Rie Singh

 Always remember the World is a better place because you are here.

Stand still and be amazed;

 Release all fears and doubts and attune to the vibration of your heart. Your heart is the most direct method of attuning to the higher Realms of Light and doing this practice each day will open you up even more. This is how we are going to move forward, love is the strongest force in the universe and new energies are coming in with this love all the time. Ask your guides and angels to help you attune and open to these new energies, they can do nothing till you ask, it is the free will thing. So ask for help to attune to all these new energies, not just for yourself but for your town, state, country, the whole world. Just open your heart and say SHOW ME. If you anchor these energies in yourself, it will spread to others as your light shines bright. 

 As you notice things going on around you that you feel are negative, do not dwell on them, see it, release it, do not give it your energy, do not feed it, let it be. As you do this it will die for it cannot live with no one feeding it, or giving it energy. Sending it love will help it to end quickly.

 Just think what effect we could have on the world if we set a time each day, got together with a group of like minded people, set our intention and sent pure love. We would focus and send the energy of love to the person, place, or thing; our intent would be for the highest and greatest good to be the outcome. How much things would change, we are not putting our wish as to how it goes, it is God’s plan, we are just sending our love and razing the vibration energy for ourselves and what we are focusing on. As we do this, we would affect others around us and raze their vibration also in the process; soon we would have the 100th Monkey dynamic spreading around the world. More and more people would be awaking and sending more and more love speeding up the shift. WO HO

 We came here at this time to help, all the lives we have lived, here and on other worlds have been leading to this time. We have studied how best to help mother earth, and all the beings who are here now. This is not the time of learning but a time of remembering, we have everything we need inside of us. Connect to your great I am, your higher self, you’re over soul any term you wish to use but go inside and ask to remember. Then relax, allow yourself to release any sense of judgment, renew yourself with the breath. when you meditate or as you go to sleep ask to be shown, say I will remember who I am, I will remember the things I am shown. Now is the time, we are the ones.

 More than likely you will not remember right away, it may take a few tries. It is said it takes 21 days to change a habit, what is 21 days in a life time. we came here to help, we came here to remember, we chose to come here and were chosen to be here at this time, because the creator, God, the Great Spirit, knew we were the one to help all of us move into the GOLDEN AGE.  WE ARE GREAT and POWERFUL SPIRTUAL BEINGS, all of us not just some, there are no maybe’s all of us are moving forward into the Golden Age.

we are love

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