Tim my story 4-26-15

Tim my story 4 26 15

Try looking at things a little differently

Tim my story 03 29 2015


Tim my story 03 29 2015

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Thank you for the love and energy sent to myself and family. Some changes we can help make.


Added on 3/29/15


Good morning;

Thank you every one for the love, energy and prayers sent to my family and myself.  New video; see what you think, it may help and I think it is worth a try.  Peace    Love    Light     Tim


Tim my story 2 21 15

Tim my story 2 21 15

Added on 2/21/15

Good morning:

I made a new video and got sidetracked where I was once more when I was talking about Ida and the gift that she had given me. When I was sending her energy this feeling came over me something like I have never experience before that I can remember it was so peaceful and loving. After about five months I figured out it was just a little taste of the unconditional love that she felt on the other side

Peace   Light    Love    Tim


Bob Simon

Good morning;

 I just saw that reporter Bob Simon was Killed in a car crash in New York, as soon as I heard that I had the feeling that he was taken out by the powers that were, then I looked for pictures of it, the car he was in got hit in the passenger compartment. there is a short video about it look where it was hit. Wonder what he was going to talk about that they did not want out and as a message to others he was taken out. If things go the way it has been going instead of putting people in the fear mode, more will be coming out very shortly

Peace    Love    Light   Tim




Tim my story Fedruary Third 2015

Tim my story Fedruary Third 2015

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Thank you for the energy and prayers. This is journey to The Grand Ballroom, hope you enjoy


Added on 2/03/15


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Good morning;  Hope you enjoy Love Tim       Tim my story February Third 2015  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7gj91mKaMo

My ramblings and more

Good morning;

This is the first video of the year, hope to make more.

Peace     Love    Light     Tim



Tim my story 12 14 2014

Tim my story 12 14 2014

I am tired, but doing good not sure what’s going on for me still feel all the energy and still able to work with it, don’t feel like graduation is any were near. I feel I got the best gift with the…


Added on 12/14/14


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Good morning;  I answer about the Dixie cups and what to do with the energy Hope you enjoy Love Tim    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rl31oSe1Wgw&feature=youtu.be

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